Now that I unlocked them, I kinda like the mechagnomes

I trashtalked the mechagnomes a lot but now that 8.3 is live and I unlocked them they kinda grew on me. I don’t know, the unlocking questline was pretty sweet and it was a nice conclusion to a much needed gnome centered chapter of the story. I made one just to check out the customisations options and they are quite good aswell, much better than most AR. And the racials are still quite strong despite the nerfs.

I am probably not gonna main one but I can see the appeal for some people. So welcome to the alliance mechagnomes, I know most people don’t like you but play what you like.


I wish i could but the NPC isn’t even at the location which the quest tells me too :smiley:

Edit: The quest is just as broke as their Arms - Legs!

Which quest ? I didn’t have any bugs.

its called " Urgent Care " there’s alot of peoples that have the same issue as i do, There’s no gnome infront of the fountain in Boralus

Strange, I had no issues finding her. Maybe it’s phasing ? Did you try Moving away then back ?

Mechagnome tech support hello, what appears to be the problem ?

did you find her in Warmode or nah?

No I wasn’t in warmode.

Edit: Blue post on the issue

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