NVM I shouldn't be asking for this

NVM I shouldn’t be asking for this

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i like the fact they make you choose between a prolonged pain for 1 target fights or mind sear + the new talent system makes so your touch stays up when you mind flay or searing nightmare on main target 100% and offtarget has a chance with 5% to keep it up. Also i love that renew and prayer of meding is back for shadow now i can put it on my self to heal me. Also the fact you dont need void form anymore is a thing i welcome.

only thing to make this perfect would be if they brough back shadowforms Mop look

From a purely pvp standpoint, I’m actually okay with what has been done, with the one exception of being forced to spend four points(Mind Sear, Silence, Psychic Horror, and Dispersion)to something that I feel should be innate. Where a pve build would only need one point, for Mind Sear. But even if I don’t really care much for pve, being able to not take Mind Sear at all is awfully odd, so probably just make that whole row at least innate, and make something else, like a way to mass apply dots perhaps(Seed of Corruption-ish?).

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