Ny'alotha Hall of Fame is Full

A few hours ago, the 100-guild threshold was crossed for both factions to complete Ny’alotha on Mythic Difficulty and earn their place in the Hall of Fame.

Raiders have until scheduled weekly maintenance to claim their spot!

With the weekly reset, Mythic Ny’alotha will become available to cross-realm groups.

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About time. Hopefully the HoF system is scrapped and Xrealm mythic just opens halfway into the raid tier instead.


Great, let the community group mythic raids commence!

Does it mean that US have one more ID to get alliance HoF, but EU have crossrealm mythic available faster?

Grabbing popcorn

i think so

That’s pretty yikes this happens on a Tuesday.

Could literally have an EU guild kill it on Wednesday and not get HoF, while a US guild can kil it 5 days later on Monday and still get HoF.

Awesome! Going to organize a run for Wrath in the discord community :tada:

FaCtIoNs ArE bAlAnCeD !!

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You’re welcome

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If it works like this then it’s pretty weird, because in EP it was the same - US filled HoF on a Tuesday, but both regions still had a whole week to get HoF. I’m a bit confused :thinking:

Gratz to these horde players on alts who made this happen :slight_smile:

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It would be really nice if we can get clarification on when Europeon cross realm is available. HoF being full seems to have happened pre-reset so does that mean we can raid cross realm now or do we need to wait for the Americas and next week?

This Wednesday, saw you typing, Spikey

Haha. Yes I read that but there is probably going to be uproar if we have it today and the US has it in 6 days… I would be grateful to see the date before I invite anyone off realm for raids etc and thank you!

GL with Wrathion trinket!

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