Nzoth and shadowlands

In the raid “Crucible of Storms” Nzoth was whispering to us those quotes:

N’Zoth whispers: Six seats at the high table. Six mouths that hunger. One will consume all others.
N’Zoth whispers: She is not the last, but the first. Drown her and you will see.
N’Zoth whispers: The veil wanes. His crown will open the way.
N’Zoth whispers: I alone can save you from what is to come.
N’Zoth whispers: It grows hungrier… bolder. Alas, your eyes are closed.
N’Zoth whispers: When the arrow finds its mark, the last fetter will fall away.
N’Zoth whispers: The Light has struck a bargain with the enemy of all.
N’Zoth whispers: The fall of night reveals her true face. She will bring only ruin.
N’Zoth whispers: He gave himself to the deep places. He gave himself to me.

For example:
“The veil wanes. His crown will open the way.”
For whom the way was open? I don’t think old gods would cooperate with jailer.

“She is not the last, but the first. Drown her and you will see.”
With this we know Azeroth is very first titan and not last what was told. We know this because we activated teleport from Maw to Oribos with Hearth of Azeroth.

Im pretty sure after shadowlands we will be fighting against light and void. Cus on one of them is hunger enough to “consume” everything.

A lot of quotes has illgynoth
Maybe Nzoth was not that bad at all. :d

It’s not the first time void-related entities suggest a closer cooperation with mortals.

Xal’atath (at the Seat of the Pantheon)
Long have we sought entry into this realm! To think we have a mortal to thank for giving us our foothold. Your service will be remembered!

Given that the Emerald Dream is connected in some way to Ardenweald, it’s possible to make an argument, that they tried to get into Shadowlands for thousands of years. Maybe.

Maybe. Maybe not. Hard to tell. Some claim that this quote might be related to “the Arbiter is the final key” of Primus. It could be many other things we do or do not know so far.

I don’t think so. When you are in Shadowlands, anywhere, it claims that this item does not work. Which is odd and makes me wonder if it’s an item “from Azeroth”, or from titans / keepers.

Because our connection to Azeroth is active.

The Eternal City
Fatescribe Roh-Tahl:
This is a touchstone for spirits that have become untethered.
The Fatescribe seems to ponder you for a moment.
I sense the touch of a great power upon you, name.
Despite facing the end of your existence time and again, this force has kept you anchored to the mortal plane.
Perhaps devices like this one will keep you anchored to the Shadowlands, should an ill fate befall you.
The Purpose will decide. The Purpose is our way.

Remember, our characters are still alive when they cross the veil into the Shadowlands. Should an ill fate befall them, they have a tether to Azeroth that nudges them back to life.

It’s not just one of them. Denathrius also claims that Death is also seek to be the top force. Now, how trust worthy the dude is, I can’t tell, but it’s at least some info.

And the other contender is an odd one, but it was mentioned since Classic.

In this world where time is your enemy, it is my greatest ally. This grand game of life that you think you play in fact plays you.

The time has come to shatter this clockwork universe forever! Let us no longer be slaves of the hourglass! I warn you: those who do not embrace the greater path shall become victims of its passing!

Chronomatic Anomaly
Why defy that which devours all things?

All the time manipulations in one way or the other can be traced to a single entity - Aman’Thul. So, if we’ll learn about more actors that can be seen on the cosmology chart, my bet would be on Time that seeming acts with/through that titan, who supposedly was the fist one to awake in the Great Dark.

No comments on “evil Light”. How to use it is a question of an individual user, not something characteristic of the force itself.

There might be some kind of rivarly / conflict between N’Zoth and Xal’atath. Which side should be pick then, I wonder.

Xal’Atath (in Orgrimmar [wut?!])
We may face some of my brethren in this conflict… a prospect that delights me. Their power will be mine! They will pay for what was done to me long ago.

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