N'zoth Buff Missing

If you kept the N’zoth buff, do you have the same issue with the buff disappearing, when going outside zuldazar and Kul’Tiras?

for me that buff disappears and with it the eye on the head… I think this is quite unfortunate… I kept that for a reason…

my loyalty to N’zoth should not disappear like that :smile:

I still dont get this tbh, we never really got a option to say “nah, i’m fine”, its just a “ooh well, bet i dont complete that quest ever!”…if you “dont complete” the quest, have you then truely gained that “loyal to N’zoth” status?, or, is the quest just a “work in progress” thing?

Atleast with saving that orc (horde side), we got a option to say “yeah, i am done” and ignore the troll (sylvanas loyal) or to keep going and help the troll…

Atleast the quest “ended” with what option you took, the N’zoth thing is just “waiting for you to complete the quest” status in my book.

But hey, what do i know, i do anything for a toy…

What did you say?, i can kill 10 alliance in war mode, then, get a new quest to kill 10 horde and tho, get a new toy to my collection?, sign me up!

well, yeah I think that is strange too, but you do keep the gift, you just don’t complete the quest… Blizzard already mentioned, that there will be a payoff

It’s a bug that it disappears.

well then, I hope they fix it soon

I wouldnt hold my breath :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

I wonder, cant you not just do the quest on a alt, remove the curse, get toy, use toy on your char there then :P?

I do have a character for both versions…
my priest here got cleansed, while my DH still has the buff, I want to see both versions

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