N'Zoth, Sargeras, World Trees & the Future. [Major Spoilers]

As the story in DF keeps unfolding and we are given small tidbits of lore that can be used in the future, I’m also basing my speculation on things said by Devs. One of them being that Sargera’s sword would play a role in the future and how Ion recently said that they work on new expansions one expansion ahead of the one we’re in or the one about to be released.
Usually lore (not just in WoW) is planned even further ahead, even if it might be in a very simplified form. So with this info I can’t help but keep thinking that this is the time to see the rammifications of the events that unfolded in Legion.

During DF, in the Chromie Time quest, we are taken to Ny’alotha where N’zoth whispers to us a few things that my mind quickly associated with the info I’ve mentioned at the start.

" I… know you. What you were. What you will yet be.
You will follow him to the deep places. The dark waters will flow in his wake.
With many eyes, they will see again. They will drink, and be uplifted.
Deeper, deeper its roots will reach. Welcoming our embrace.
Her dreams sing beneath the surface. Our dreams. Our song."

" I… know you. What you were. What you will yet be." - I’m taking this sentence lightly. It’s quite vague. This can just imply that we have met before but we will meet again. “Yet be” implies that whatever roles/titles/purpose we have been given, will change.

You will follow him to the deep places. The dark waters will flow in his wake.” - This is where it starts getting interesting and begins directly affecting DF’s future for me and where I have more thoughts and speculations.
Raszageth is gone but not without freeing her siblings. Alexstrasza has already showed her fear of having to face Iridikron next. There have been lots of talks of us heading to an underground part of the Isles, which makes sense since Iridikron probably retreated to where the Earth primal forces are strongest.
HOWEVER! This is where Sargera’s sword starts playing a role too. It has been plunged into the ground. While we have defeated Sargeras, been told the sword was dormant during Legion. We don’t know for sure if Sargeras had other intentions other than looking like he was trying to hurt Azeroth. She has bled which led to the creation of Azerite.
Titans “bleed” and from the Blood of Sargeras we were able to create Primal Sargerite but the sword could have also been used by him as a vessel to carry his force/corruption/Sargerita in some capacity and plant himself or his influence underground or maybe he knew exactly where a part of N’zoth was and used his power to break him free or just empower him. Which made N’zoth corrupt the unnamed World Tree in the Nightmare even more.
This may have led to the spread of corrupt waters underground which then spread to where Iridikron is hiding away (The dark waters will flow in his wake) or it had already spread so far, corrupted part of the waters under the Dragon Isles and Iridikron feeling that, retreated specifically to where they might be. Which leads to…

With many eyes, they will see again. They will drink, and be uplifted.
Deeper, deeper its roots will reach. Welcoming our embrace.
” - The Primalists follow Iridikron underground and have now been consuming those Dark Waters and are now corrupted and uplifted. Which have now turned into a stronger, many-eyed version of the Twilight’s Hammer. We deal with Iridikron eventually but not before finding out that the Roots and their corruption has spread more and even deeper and the embrace of the corruption welcomes them. And I think this implies that each subsequent dragon will be more corrupt than the previous one with us dealing with Fyrakk and then Vyranoth lastly. Vyranoth being the closest to the Water elements and peraphs the most affected by the waters.

In nature, trees purify water. We know of the waters of the World Trees being a great source of magic and Life. We also know that Tyrande and Malfurion had been carrying The Sisters’ Tear. They were informed that it would be a “vessel of renewal” and all the Night Elf souls turned it into a World Tree seed. And I think this will be a major plot point, as Merithra becomes the leader of the Green Dragonflight and with the help of Alexstrasza, grow the Seed into a World Tree that is used to cleanse the corrupt waters. And maybe even be used as the new Night Elf home, which has also been hinted at and spoken about.

An interview with Narrative Director Steve Danuser back in November has him telling us that this is an expansion about hope and optimism and he even mentions Sargera’s sword, the world forces stirring in the background and how those never stop even if we have been away in the Shadowlands. And we know those things no doubt have changed the planet.

The Future - "Her dreams sing beneath the surface. Our dreams. Our song." - Just like how N’zoth’s whispers began. I think this just very vaguely hints at the future and what is to come. We have dealt with the Incarnates but not the root cause (no pun intended!) of the corruption. This corruption may now have spread even further than the continents we have visited and can link with the rumours and hints of what’s on the other side of Azeroth and lead into the next Expansion. Where we face N’zoth, see Azeroth being active for the first time as a result and learn about the Titans’ actual purpose and intentions and… Somehow there’s a lot of involvement by the forces of the Void? After all, I think Shadreen is a bit eager to steal some of the spotlight, maybe introduce us to her Master too. Why else would she be bribing us? :wink:


The chromie time quest showed a glimpse of the expansion that i wanted after BFA.

It was the coolest part so far of this expansion.

My idea would be that we beat Nzoth in the last raid of BFA but this was just a distraction and we only beat an avatar of Nzoth. When we beat the avatar Nzoth traps the raid group in his realm while taking over Azeroth with the world strongest fighting force trapped and not being able to stop it.

The other old gods are revived and the black empire rises again. The Horde and Alliance are destroyed with with only a couple of holdouts fighting a guerrilla war against the black empire Thrall Baine Anduin Jaina are dead The remnants of the Horde hide out in Zandalar hidden from detection by Zandalari Magic while the Alliance remnants hide out on Kul Tiras.

The PC escapes Nzoth’s trap but while for the PC mere hours went by on Azeroth 5 years went by.

The expansion focuses on the PC slowly building up a coalition and working to retake Azeroth and preventing the Void lords from corrupting Azeroth completely while also dealing with Yrel and the Lightbound who Nzoth manipulated into coming to Azeroth as a backup plan to disrupt and distract the forces on Azeroth still fighting the Black empire.

The final raid is banishing the old gods from Azeroth into the Void Lords realm .

The last expansion deals with the rebuilding of Azeroth and cleansing the land from the Old gods influence a return to WoW classic dealing with local threats helping the population rebuild their lives with the last raid stopping an attempt by a surviving Black empire leader to bring the Old gods back to Azeroth.

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the question still remains, did N´zoth actualy even meen us, he could have been talking about Chromie even there, and not us at all, I also had a crazy theory that I talked about in an other thread, that the old gods, was never sent here buy the void lords at all, but created buy the void lords here, so every single old god is an entity of an living beeing on azeroth, now someone could argue that the old gods came to azeroth long time ago, what is correct, but at same time, we already have time travel, heck it could even be that someone of the Bronze dragonflight sent them back in time, becuse they knew what will then happen, this meens, Chromie, one of us, one othose with us, might acutaly become an old god at some point in time, and then sent back in time.
considering Galakrond was also created, anything is possible.

Since we’re doing actual time-jumps in that questline, this is canonically the first time we meet N’Zoth (from his perspective). The Void seels all futures, all realities, but doesn’t know which one will come to pass, so it considers all of them to be “true”.
What if we unintentionally helped N’Zoth by showing up there? If he looked into our minds, if he saw our BfA-history with him, he would know what happens to him in the future, see the reality that will eventually come to pass. Which would give him time to prepare, let’s say, bring Xal’atath into it and move it through the right hands. It would basically be a paradoxon, where we unintentionally showed him what would happen, so he could make it happen.

My money would be on Iridikron for the “last boss” of the expansion. If he is the strongest and the Primalist leader, it would be strange to kill him before the others.

That has to be a World Tree, has it? What if they corrupt Nordrassil and let it die, so the Night Elves can give up Hyjal and bring their new World Tree seed into play?

That would be weird. Why would he whisper to US when he was talking to Chromie? The story is told to us as audience, so “Yeah, he wasn’t actually talking to the player, but to that NPC over there” would be a weird twist.

I do believe this quest line as bigger implication than we think and the pieces of this puzzle are there especially since the BFA 8.1.5, and introduced as soon as the Emeral Nighmare in 7.0/7.1 (who were developped at the same time).

To preface my theory, i have to talk about Elissandre, who introduced the fact that seeing the future is like seeing multiple outcome that could occur to be true, but as we knew from Cataclysm, only one of them is the right one, guarded by the Bronze Dragonflight.

Still, for a reason or another, Il’gynoth, an old god minion seems to know something about a prophecy, having foretold our coming, and giving us some hints that seems to have happened afterward.

After that, in 8.1.5, Uu’nat, herald of N’zoth stoled relics to trap us in the Crucible of Storms, saying he’s there to test us:

Uu’nat yells: Master… they are worthy.
N’Zoth yells: Yes… you are indeed the ones I seek. The ones to turn the tide.
N’Zoth yells: Receive now the greatest of all gifts. My dream has become your own. The Circle of Stars made flesh.

Then, we receive the gift of N’Zoth, being betrayed by Xal’athat.

N’zoth Knows

When we go back in the age of the Black Empire to save Chromie, what N’zoth recognized was not us, but this gift he gave us, then entering our minds, he had been able to know exactly what happened of the one true timeline. This means that once he has this information, he know exactly which possible future is the true one, making him able to interact with it in it’s own terms, an information Elissandre did not had.

So, why did he accepted to be killed if he knew that he would be killed?

Maybe because it’s exactly what he needed.

N’zoth splitted soul

Remember Shadowland? Yeah, i know, it was a pain. Still, Blizzard gave us not one, but two stories about splitted souls, making them the focus of the expansion, even though all other plot lines were clearly cancelled. Those were the most important they HAD to do to make the next part of the storyin future expansion make sens.

So why do i point out Splitted souls as important? Because when Nya’lotha came out and Wrathion stabbed N’zoth, it felt at that time it did not make sens that the dagger imprisonned N’zoth since we had to fight him afterward, now it can make sens since we know for sure that a soul can be seperated in two parts.

And we killed one…

N’Zoth Lasered

And this is where i will lost some and where Blizz need to explain it better, if my theory is right.

We did not Killed N’zoth, nor Nya’lotha. We unbalanced their essence with a big ray that has as secondary function to annihilate all life (Forge of Origination). This can be confusing, but in Warcraft, when you drain a creature from one energy, it does not become weaker until it dies as we would imagine it, but it transforms itself and tie himself in the opposite energy (Naa’ru drained from their light become void infused, Titans currupted litterally became demons…).

So, do we killed N’zoth and Nya’lotha? Yes, but instead of returning to void realms, they probably had been sent to the Shadowlands as death being.

So, where is N’zoth?

Part of his soul is probably still alive, imprisoned in the Disapeared Black Blade of the Empire.The other is more interesting.

Deeper, deeper its roots will reach. Welcoming our embrace.

Is this part of N’zoth soul infiltrated the dead night elves in the Maw, cunningly getting in the seed we planted in the dream? We know Old gods can have humanoid forms since Xal’athat revealed hers. Is N’zoth form a Night elf one?

Her dreams sing beneath the surface. Our dreams. Our song.

From the earth, he draws strength. Our earth. Our strength.
Its surface blazes bright, masking shadows below.

The tree is a lie!

My money is on Turalyon being the last Boss of this expac, leading to a Light centered expansion. I think we’ll deal with Iridikron in 10.2, wrapping up the main theme of Dragonflight, right before Blizzcon, just in time for the announcement.

I think Turalyon will at some point go mental, but not yet, or maby in the end as you say, but I think this comes when an old god pops up again, be it in the end of this expac or next, and I think he will open the portal to draenor and let Yrel loose on Azeroth then, but this cant happen,unless they pull Anduin back, what most likely wont happen yet, becuse I got a feeling he comes back with Sylvanas, and probably someone else from the Maw also, to fight against the light.


Like Who? Arthas? I would be happier if they bring back Uther. , maybe Varian

“The Jailor has a plan! You’ll see.”

Didn’t go so well last time, did it? Same people in charge…
With room temperature IQ and amateur levels of drivel already on display, you shouldn’t expect these alleyway ‘meat’ vendors to cook you a five star meal.

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