[Oasis] is recruiting for 10.2

Oasis WoW was created in 2017 by a group of friends with the idea of creating a community for players to come learn, have discussions, and grow as individuals without fear of being berated, belittled, or shunned for their experience. We originally hosted RBG groups in Legion but decided to branch off into other parts of the game in 2020. We have continued to place our efforts in battling toxicity found within the game by showing players that there are several, like-minded individuals out there who are willing to learn the game and improve.

Here at Oasis, we want to be able to welcome and encourage players to join our groups and not be afraid to speak up or make mistakes. Everyone makes mistakes and we do not expect anyone to be perfect. There is always room to learn and grow, even for those at the top tier levels. At the end of the day, we all just want to enjoy ourselves, make new friendships, and be apart of a growing family.

Now that that’s out of the way, we are looking for a couple dps players and 1x healer for 10.2 since we will start doing some casual/chill mythic progression after we’re done farming heroic for the gear. Any player will be considered so don’t worry about the class you play! You don’t need to have any experience with Raids whatsoever either, our team is a mix of new players and former CE raiders alike and we’re very helpful when people are struggling with an encounter or maybe even their class. The only thing we require from our Raiders is the motivation to learn and get better - and yes we are aware that everyone does that at their own pace. Our team has a very light/goofy atmosphere so nobody needs to be afraid of making mistakes :slight_smile:

Our raid times are Tuesday/wednesday from 8-11pm CEST and since it’s a community it’s obviously cross faction! If that sounds interesting to you then feel free to reach out to me on either discord or Bnet if you wanna have a chat about it!

Disc: crescent1
Bnet: Crescent#21833