<Obscenity> [A] - raiding guild is recruiting!


<Obscenity> is a long standing raiding guild - with a core that’s been raiding together for almost 3 years and that’s survived 4 private servers - that’s looking to expand its ranks. Are you the sort of person who always strives to improve? Who tries to make the most of what time they have? Who likes pushing the boat out, but doesn’t like a hardcore raiding schedule? Come raid with us!

Raiding up to 3 nights a week: Monday, Wednesday and Friday 19:15-22:30 server time (CET).

What we expect from you is that you:

  1. Work on your character outside of raids by improving your skill and gear
  2. Are able to take criticism
  3. Come to raids prepared with knowledge of tactics and proper enchants and consumables

What you can expect from us in return is:

  1. Transparant ranks, based on recent attendance
  2. Fair loot distribution through loot council
  3. Experienced leadership and well defined officer roles
  4. Calm and focussed raids
  5. Constructive feedback
  6. A mature community

Contact Era ingame or on Discord (Era#8813) for more info.