Observer Zelgar is an ABSOLUTE BEAST (332M HP one-shot)

Hello Forum friends,

My 2 friends, Silentpuppet, Burniedr and I were running Torghast “The Soulforges” Layer 8 and encountered Observer Zelgar on Floor 6. Despite common dislike of this boss I really haven’t noticed any significant challenges with this one, so far.

However, we were surprised to find that this boss had 332M (yes… M for million) HP. Needless to say were were unable to down a single % off their health pool before being one-shot for 1mil damage. Feelsbad cause worked our way up to floor 6 for no reward.

Has anyone else experienced something like this? Check screenshot below:

ibb. co/D7kvVCd
ibb. co/1sWk2dk

All the best, stay safe!

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