Obsidian Collar

Hallo there.
After farming Wrathion reputation all day, i finally hit renown “Friend”.
This means i could buy [Obsidian Collar] yay!

However, even tho i have the rank, it still says on mouseover that i need that rank with red text, and when i try to purchase it, it says “Item locked”.

According to comments on wowhead, people was speculating if you needed Friend with both Wrathion and Sabellian, however, some people tried farming rep on both sides, with no luck, still same issue.

I can only imagine this being a bug and after spending so long farming for it, it’s really annoying! Please fix this.
If it’s intended, and it’s a timegated item or something like that, it should really be pointed more clearly out, because right now it just seems like a bug, it says u need something, when u get it, it still just says u need it with no further comment.

Thank you in advance.


I have the same issue. I got the rep to buy both neck and cloak, yet its locked. Can we please have some dev respond to this?

Same here and my premade. Locked for both, Can blizzard either clarify its timegated or a bug .

Same bug here pls fixx

Bump, still not fixed

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