October’s Trading Post is Spooktacular

Maybe im missing something, but what is the point of these class sets that arent even full sets? I know that some people like to mix and match their transmog, but wouldnt it make more sense to have a full set where the pieces actually fit together?


Ngl, Broom is kinda dope.

Should be allowed to call them sets.

110% this!

I have never managed to max level a druid, it’s the only class I haven’t managed to do. Even after using a boost, I couldn’t bring myself to do the last 10 levels.

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Exactly the same for me.
Back in vanilla I had every class at max level except druid.
And at the end of Legion I literally used the boost I got for pre-ordering BfA to boost a druid so I could experience and do the druid campaign/content. :sweat_smile:

Is it me or the item prices are going up each month more and more?

500 for a helmet, 500 for a staff, like common blizzard.


There is a lot of pretty expensive stuff yes, but on the other hand there’s also a fair amount of repeats.

You will be able to stay in character all year round now!!!


I think its all part of a long term plan to replace the ingame store with the trading post, and make Tenders a premium currency, just like hearthstone got runestones, Overwatch got overwatch coins and Diablo got platinum. I mean, they are already selling Tenders on the store.

My priority will probably be the mount, then see what I can get after.

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meh really bad this month trading post

A lot of cool things here, but are they really gonna have us use up our limited token supply on revamped Vanilla gear? Looking at the staff. The original should just be updated, and free… :confused:

same here. But couldn’t manage those last 10 levels.

Not sure why class that so dull to play deserves their own patch. I’m glad I’m going to be away for 4.5 months of it.

It just screams low-effort laziness. I’d rather they take the time to make a full set worth 850 TTs than 3 (yes, THREE) pieces for 450 TTs. The druid one definitely needs more work. As someone on wowhead said, it looks more pala/priest but with feathers slapped on it.

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I like to make my own sets as well as use fully made ones.

A besides the Paladin one, I can’t find a single use for any of these item pieces on their own.

Think of all the tendies you’ll save for another month!

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You can say that… but I can say for sure I’m sat on about 4000 already.

Very nice stash!!

Is there anything you are waiting for or just nothing appeals?

I want almost everything on there this month and I had not aimed off for that!
I’m frightened. I’m all the way frightened.

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I barely have any tendies left over from month to month and I have been guilty of buying the tendies when combined with some tmog I have no interest in :rofl:

I just hope everything comes round often enough that I’ll collect it all but I fear it’s going to be a constant cycle of needing too many things.