October’s Trading Post is Spooktacular

Nothing really appealing tbh. I tend to pick out the little things, like the hooded cloaks. But I have a few of those, and I’m never going to use a Yellow or Bright Green one.

I’ll probably take the Chainmail tabard. That’s actually something I have been waiting for, but that’s only 250 tenders for both.

Recolour mounts/pets are just too expensive for what they’re worth. So I usually just decide to hold onto my Tenders and see what they have next month ;). If you commit to a Mount you don’t have enough for anything else.

As I said above, the Class Sets are a great idea, but what I have seen so far is pretty ‘Meh’. The Paladin one is good, works best for humans and their heritage armour. The Rogue one is cool, but pretty standard rogue. Can’t work out anything to do with the Priest one, screams Shadow Priest, has nothing to do with the sort of Priest I like to play.

Also don’t forget I have just been away, so I missed Augusts Tenders.


I can see the things coming around on a long cycle. I suppose having too many cool things to choose from is a good problem to have :slight_smile:

Tendies have been something I’ve had a good handle on…until now. I think I’m going to do a Punyelf this month. They’re going.


I did buy all the pala stuff but it’s just s shame there is so little to it. Would have liked full armour set.

Its the druid tier from Legion mythic version.

Thats just it. I want it, but for me to buy it I need to have a use for it. It’s sat in the my Frozen at the moment. Its the only one I have seen which I’ll might have a use for.

Like the Priest which is my Main these days, I want the set because it’s the Priest set, but I really don’t like it nor would have a use for it.

But then this Arcane Scholars sets on the shop which is perfect for Mage, I have had no problem mixing and matching with other items to make my own set. But it’s not tied to Mage for some reason. Makes no sense.

You can mix it with

Tier 3 Judgement
Human Heritage
Belf Heritage

But not much else :frowning:

Yeah It makes the judgement set show how dated it is.

I have seen a variation with the human heritage that is nice but my main is a Horde. I don’t like the Belf Heritage chest on females much. That extra panel is a bit meh.

Transmog is obviously a very personal taste thing. I just would have preferred a full set.

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Same as i do not think it is worth 500 or w/e it was its needs to be full sets for that.

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It be goin’ well with da Bones of the Bloodhunter Ensemble.

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Yeh, I have seen a few with the human heritage, and it works really well. But can’t match it up with anything if you’re not human.

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Ignore the quote from my last. I don’t know what went on there but I don’t think I had actually intended to quote at all :joy:

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With that name, I really need you to become the next Erivien because he was my fave and it would be so fitting lol.

Really cool that things like the medivh items are already available for free

For anyone interested I have found this WoWhead article with all the Class Sets/Weapons coming over next few months with their corresponding months (because I missed it)

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I’ve not bought mounts and minipets. I’ve also not bought any weapons (because its very limited what’s useful for a hunter). So I have a bit of tender saved up (2500ish).

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You might also like this site

Although you have a big hoard but others might need to work stuff out.

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Very nice!!!

I’m not good at saving at all and I even have to juggle what I have reserved/frozen.

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Broom wooo!

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Well, just keep in mind that everything is bound to return at some point anyway. So don’t stress about not getting something.

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That’s my justification for spending it all :dracthyr_hehe:

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