Odd planet in the planetarium from Return to Karazhan

I was just running the Return of Karazhan dungeon from Legion, when I came across something.

After the Shade of Medivh boss, in the next room where you need to fall down and then you become very small, there’s a planetarium. I went there and came across 2 planets of Azeroth, and a very peculiar one.

It seems like a different blue planet, but when I zoomed in, it is in fact Azeroth but turned sideways. For some reason it only has Northrend, what seems to be like a shattered version of Kalimdor and Eastern Kingdoms, and only one moon orbiting it, the other doesn’t exist despite having the path there. The Well of Eternity, Teldrassil and Azuremyst/Bloodmyst isles aren’t there as well.

Maybe I’m being very paranoid here lol, but could this mean a very big lore foreshadowing thing? Since Teldrassil isn’t there and it was actually destroyed in BfA. Or Blizzard simply put Azeroth sideways to pretend it was a new planet hoping that no one would notice? Probably the second option, but since I didn’t find anything about this, here it goes.

I took some screenshots but unfortunately I can’t put them here, so if you wanna see it for yourself, run the dungeon and check out the blue planet between the orange and green one, on Guardian’s Study.

Let me know what you think of it or if there’s already been an explanation for that.

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It would be interesting if something happened to Kalimdor next expansions since Teldrassil isn’t there anymore and it seems to be a shattered version of Kalimdor. Maybe we would find a way to remove Sargeras’ sword in some way and it would result in tearing Kalimdor apart? Or even other continents?

Reminder when we got to WoD and in the end it is said this is just Draenor in another time.
Well given there is another Draenor and we now have multiple time lines where in one the legion won? Well in TBC the Bronze Dragon justified in Caverns of time letting Medivh open the dark portal to alliance players that without that the legion would have won because there would have been instead a human civil war and so there would be no unified surivors, and no horde sailing west to Kalimdor and so buying enough time that Archimonde could be defeated.
Maybe this destroyed Azeroth is instead the timeline where the horde never went to azeroth and so allowing the Legion to destroy it?

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