Odd Server Lagg


Hi! My name is Koigrim, I’m an avid WoW player who just found my way back into the game properly again. I alongside a lot of others who play on Outland EU have noticed that the servers are so incredibly unstable around evening hours, and I just wanted to ask what was going on. I couldn’t find any information anywhere as to why this was happening. It’s really discouraging to see the server that once worked absolutely flawlessly without connection issues devolve into this. This is happening more or less every single night!

I had a quick chat with a GM earlier tonight and we came to the conclusion that I should make this post to give more people a way of quicker get the severity of this issue.

This is as said on Outland EU, so if anyone else who plays there have had the same issues reads this, please shed your light on this issue. Also if you play on a different server than Outland and experience the same issue, please post it here as well!


There’s severe lag in the evening at goldshire on Frostmane server aswell. Been like this for weeks now.


Hi Guðný,

What kind of connection issues are you experiencing? Do you disconnect from the game, or encounter “lag” (delayed actions when casting spells or trying to interact with NPC’s, enemies and such)?

Have a few seconds to spare? Let me know how I’m doing!