Odyn's Fury: The forgotten talent

A new season, a new hope. Yet still forgotten.

I still petition that Odyn’s Fury (OF) get some buffs or changes so it is not a net-negative to bring into PvE content that is longer than 12 secconds. I understand that many enjoy Onslaught and want OF to be a ‘dead’ talent. Yet, I still beg that one day that I can take OF with me and not actually feel like I am trolling my team.

Odyn’s Fury at the moment nets a aprox 10% DPS loss on ST vs Onslaught builds, it is also aprox a 8% DPS loss on prolonged AoE. Odyn’s Fury is a small gain on 8+ target AoE 12 sec burst. So if there a fight where there are nothing else to AoE after those 12 sec for 1.5 min, OF is a decent pick. But even so, it will down your prio target ST DPS by a drastic margin.

So I hope that a dev will see this and bring it forth from the EU portion of things. OF enjoyers are currently looked at like SMF enjoyers (we bring the same -9% DPS modifier on ourselves) for just wanting to play a different style of Fury Warrior. I have accepted to play OF I will just be gimping my team and being a burden, it is what it is. I will not judge anyone for kicking me out when they see the talent picked.

So please, either de-sync Odyn’s Fury from Titan’s Torment, move the power into OF itself. Or, buff Odyn’s Fury effect by uncapping the bleed, buffing base damage or increasing it’s node effects to adjust for the gap in power.

The dream would that I would take Odyn’s Fury and my mates wouldn’t roll their eyes and jokingly ask me if I am going the ‘boosted’ build again.

Please. I beg. Save Odyn’s Fury from this situation of rot it has been in since season 1.

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I’m be happy if Annihilator get sinergy with OF. Left side of talent’s tree should get more love. At now, side with ravager+hurricane is absolute winner, and it’s sad.


While I understand why you would want OF to have synergy with Annhi, it would only cause another TT situation. Basically the problem would just be moved from one talent combo to another. One could argue that the reason OS is so powerful compared to OF is because it got that Reck-line value and Reck got that avatar synergy. So three points vs 1 point of synergy. It is not even close.

Annhi is supposed to open a lower APM route, so I must bite the apple and agree that OF kind of falls inside the same ‘niche’. Yet, to me OF should be about big undeniable burst value that will echo through the fight. If your OF is outvalued by OS over 30sec, then you lose 15 sec of OS value per 1 cast of OF.

In truth, you lose so much more than 15 sec of value.

OF really needs help.

Odyns Fury builds can truly pop in situations where there is large concentration of adds.

In my mind Odyns Fury should compete with Ravager for same spot of “AOE damage ability”

While Annihilator, and Onslaught, should be choices in play style you prefer

Problem with this is the fact that Hurricane choice under ravager is just way to strong of a pick, atm, and nothing else compares to the sheer amount of DPS you will get in a period of 6 sec, perfectly aligning itself with your other CDs especially given the fact that Anger Management now reduces CD of Ravager as well meaning that you will use ravager more often then Odyns Fury anyway. .

On top of that Odyns Fury choices Dancing Blades and Titanic Rage just feel underwhelming compared to Ravager-Hurricane choice and almost feel like this choices were just placed there because they had no idea what to do with Odyns Fury as a ability.

I mean 10% increase damage and meatcleaver just turns Odyns Fury is 45 cd overrated Whirlwind, and Auto attack damage speed may only be viable if you play Annihilator and SMF builds where you truly focus on basic attacks.

So how to fix it?

Buff its damage at least 2 times, and its bleed damage as well, increase CD to 1.5 min, and make Anger Management reduce its cooldown as well.

As for additional choices:

  1. Odyns Fury adds 4 Whirlwind stacks, and next Whirlwind you use is Odyns Fury instead with 40% of power.

  2. Increase bleed effect damage and duration by 50% and critical hits from your single target abilties rest duration of bleed effect also works with meatcleaver.

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Odyn’s Fury (OF) can pop off in a 12 sec burst window because of Titan’s Torment (TT) allowing you to double dip into it. Sadly it falls off so fast it is not even funny. Onslaught (OS) is even in AoE more worth than OF. The 60% damage gain on rampage per OS, with the rage-gain and damage of the ability itself, just slaps OF to the ground on the 2nd cast, on the third OF is an actual detriment. (Let us ignore things that make the whole thing even worse: that TT in itself is a DPS loss, as you still play T4, AM/reck/rav with OF. So reck uptime trumps avatar by a wide margin)

OF should in theory be strong in the hurricane window, yet as it comes so often you get more OS inside that than OF. Not to mention OS lets you get more windows in itself.

Dancing Blades is “decent” and “balanced”, yet dreadfully boring. The extend with TT means you can get quite a lot of value out of it. Problem is that you won’t really see it or feel it. But it is there in rage-gain and damage.

Titanic Rage is as you said just making OF a glorified WW. In truth, they should combine both nodes into one, and OF probably still would still be a DPS loss.

Your fixes are sadly not what I would want personally. I want more power into OF itself. Not making OF a button that depends on even more buttons. Your combo would be TT, fill, fill, fill, fill, Ww, fill, fill, fill, fill, OF, fill, fill, fill, fill, ww, fill, fill, fill, fill. Not to mention you would also gain avatar windows twice for free. It is very messy.

Bleed damage could better be fixed by uncapping it (currently it is split among all targets), same goes with removing the softcap of 8 on OF in itself (if they want to have it as the AoE burst tool only).

Now, to the CD change - I dislike it. As you are just deleting OF as part of the rotation more or less. At 1.5 you buffed its 12 sec burst window even more (even worse if you include the WW change and 2xRaw for 360% more damage compared to current) - something that it actually does not really need. As long TT exists, you can’t really buff OF raw damage by any meaningful margin without making the burst exponentially stronger.

It is the core reason why I ask for it to be unlinked from TT, then power moved into OF own nodes instead as raw damage (the 33% damage, and a 33% increase on its effects at least - even that barely bumps OF close to OS level).

There will be no world where OF will be linked with AM, that would become silly fast (and OF would get reduced damage to compentsate, making it truly a WW in all but name). There is no world where it can be linked to Reck, it would become silly fast. TT is a chain on the leg of OF, forcing its burst potential to be based on that 1.5 min CD.

Keeping Odyn’s Fury to 45 sec CD, yet increasing its power is the way I would like to see it go.

I’d also like to see a change that makes OF feel more different from Thunderous Roar.

To adress the problem with TT I’d like to see it beeing one sided only, removing the cast from Avatar altogether.
To compensate the loss of casts decrease the cd to 30 sec so you still get 3 casts per 1,5 min. This would allow the nodes under OF to be more impactful while also smooting dps with more dispersed phases of Avatar.

Also I’d want a rework for the titanic rage talent, as that as stated before makes it feel like just a better whirlwind. I’d rather see it be similar to unbridled ferocity, and give you a guaranteed recklessness for 4.0 seconds instead of the whirlwind and enrage.
(and/or just change UF to also include OF for procs)

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I do agree that the buttons kind of do the same thing - yet Thunderous Roar is a big bleed damage ability on a long CD. OF is more instant damage, on a shorter CD, with a small bleed. TR is not target capped in the same way OF is, so also does more AoE damage in the form of the bleeds. So, while same-ish, they are also quite different from each other in function (instant burst vs damage over time, and, long CD vs short CD)

Having the nodes being able to have more power is exactly what is needed to bring it on par with OS/Rav/Reck trifecta as an ability. That or it needs synergy itself. While OS, reck and rav feeds eachother in a loop - OF kind of just does nothing. How we could fix that is close to impossible - as either you break the trinity, you make something better than the trinity or at worst you reinforce the trinity.

The Enrage effect is the one part that is good about the ability as it is, but as your idea is removed from avatar, you need a lot more power than 4 sec of Recklessness. Even if you add recklessness on top of the enrage and ww, it still isn’t powerful enough.

An idea would to force in some synergy, trying to make another trifecta of abilities. Problem being, everyone want to play AM build as it is a ton of fun - and perhaps the best fury playstyle out there. So if we gave it synergy with talents like Anhiliator or Reckless Abandon, it would just be aweful gameplay. It is clunky, doesn’t flow well and feels terrible in a fast paced spec that Fury currently is. One could take a page from the new Tier set, maybe make it so OF does more damage after you rampage, stacking up. Perhaps OF does more damage per bleed on the target you have, so to synergise with TR/CSHB.

What I personally would want to see if the fast paced AM gamestyle, with OF, without seeing my overall DPS drop from 150-160k overalls, to 140-150k overalls.

One could try to give OF the role of a more static 45sec+1.5min damage build, yet it would need some support to play nice. Once you are no longer a flowing, fastpaced spec and become CD based - it is aweful. Especially when the rest of the Fury kit is all about having no downtime and all is go-go-go. If you suddenly got to hold CDs, for negative DPS, or even a minor boon - it feels wrong and not fun at all. You can play this build right now, you do “ok” damage for 12secconds, then it falls off fast. We are talking 700k burst vs 500k burst on AoE in the timeframe.

So some fixes could be:

  • Make OF target uncapped, so the bleed always hits all targets at full value (if not the hits themselves). Give it actual AoE ompfh.
  • Give the talent nodes a buff. Make it so Titanic Rage also grant 5 stacks of Slaughtering Strikes (for more burst - and to be more line with OS+Tenderise). Give Dancing blades just a flat haste buff, or make it so it empowers your abilites in that duration (give your abilites radiant damage, for that 30% armor ignore, as an example).
  • Have OF (as it doesn’t stack well with haste) synergise more with crit or mastery, perhaps give it a double benefit from enrage.

Something must be done to give OF some love. It should not be the ability you only look at as a troll, 12 sec burst AoE fights - or in those extremely rare and niche situations where you really need another rampage worth of prio-damage in a set window.

Please, grant OF love and not let it just rot. It does feel good to press - if it only didn’t hit you with the guilt of being a DPS waste for your team, causing harm to others is never fun.

Current odyns fury is budget version of Legion. I was hyped for this ability to come back but i am heavily disappointed in how inflexible fury talents tree is. There is literally 1 correct answer atm and other talents are basically bait which is almost never usefull for any situation.
But still if you think about it , both arms and fury is extremely gutted and unfun versions of Legion fury/ arms atm. They had a working and fun spec and i don’t understand why they felt the need of reinventing it again.


Old mistakes all time with Blizzard. We have only one true build (with some point changed for pure single damage). Or you bring Onslaught and Ravager+hurricane or you suck. There is no hope.

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I love odyn Fury but Blizz will always buff only one power from talent,the rest are left to rot.Forces everyone to play only in one still,what garbage decision,they should buff 2 from talent tree,so you have to choose.Using Onslaught on non-thyrannical key lock so dumb.

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Main problem isn’t ravager or onslaught or even talent balance , there is nothing in the talent tree except annihilator actually swaps playstyle.
I do know most people happy about how fury works but current fury is boring and uninspiring. Needs a serious rework same goes with arms. Or just bring back universally loved versions of the spec like mop or legion.
Also the damage at the end you get is not compensating with the wrist pain after 3 hours of progressing a boss. Fury doesn’t have proper spec identity , this is the first thing they should fix if they do something about it. Yes small % buffs would and might fix the dps difference but core problem is gameplay.

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I would argue Fury got a very clear identity. It is a builder/spender spec. It is also a fast paced spec by design at the core - no matter what style you go for. The goal is always mashing buttons correctly and as fast as possible. If you don’t enjoy those two, you will not enjoy Fury Warrior.

There are currently 4 kind of playstyles:

  1. Annhi; based on longer CD abilites (Slam/WW/BT) and AAs to use Rampage.
  2. CB; based on a set rotational pattern to minmax damage (Ramp, CB, CB, Ramp, CB, CB)
  3. The holy trinity (meta spec): A fast paced, priority list, builder-spender spec. That uses short CD buttons to be able to press buttons even more. Looping into eachother for a lot of effect the faster it goes.
  4. Odyn’s Fury: A build based only on the ability to pump out as much damage as possible in a 12 seccond window every 1.5minutes.

There are a ton of options even within these 4 archetypes. So there are many ways to play Furywarrior. Problem is that the meta build, the Holy Trinity, is just so much better than anything else that it is the only right choice in all situations (except in a 12 sec long fight ofc).

If Odyn’s Fury got a big buff, it could help all types to be more viable. As long as it moves power possibility outside the Holy Trinity. Now as you could play the other options without actually trolling your team, you would also perhaps find a playstyle option you enjoy more.

Odyn’s fury sucks. I don’t like it. Really boring ability… We have way too many important cooldowns that is not at all in line with me as a savage orc warrior.
Avatar. Spear of bastion. Odyn’s Fury. Just delete them, and replace it with something interesting… Those are the 3 most boring abilities of our spec. With Ravager I’m kind of fine, but it seems really bugg and weird how the rage ticks work, and it feels unintuitive that we mainly use it for rage regen and not as much for it doing damage itself…

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Sorry to say this but 2 , 3 and 4 is basically same build with a little priority change. Only real difference is annihilator like i said before.

Main problem of fury is there is no proper spec damage identity. Are we good on single target ? NO ! Are we good on aoe ? 5 target hard cap completely mediocre. Fury does mediocre sustain damage atm , fury doesn’t really have a flexible talent tree to swap talents according to encounters.

Current odyn’s fury is boring and uninspiring but for ravager let me tell you something. Ravager is your most important cd atm which is giving you 30% main stat buff. Just giving you a tip , time your stuff with the damage buff

I know. I said it sucks that it’s a modifier, for being something that you throw on your target. It makes no sense. It should be simply a projectile that does damage, and the modifiers should just be baked into recklessness, which has the same CD anyway as ravager. Also, don’t you think it’s silly that our main cooldown as fury is shared with Prot? Where is the spec identity?

You can’t say that CB build and Meta build got the same prio. It is far from it really. In the meta build, you go whatever grants the most rage → rampage whenever it is up. CB build is always, and I mean always, Ramp, CB, CB, Ramp, CB, CB, Ramp, CB, CB. Even if you could go Ramp, Ramp, you don’t, you go CB prio first.

One is fluid and other is static. That is a huge difference in playstyle.

Now, OF, it changes the playstyle to go from a spam-spender to saver, as you will want to line up everything to go with it OF/Ava. While the meta build differ in that you just send everything on CD. So again, a big diff in playstyle and how you will be handling your ability usage.

Our damage profile and identity is fastpaced, universal DPS. We are not the best at anything in particular, but we can do it all decently well. We are kind of a swizz-army-knife. We got AoE, ST and burst - all in one package. We don’t lose DPS bringing those profiles compared to other classes/specs. Yet, we are also not as good as a dedicated class profile.

So saying that Fury only got 2 builds with no changes is quite the false statement. Saying we got no identity also seems quite scuffed.

I can see where you are coming from, but you are not thinking about it carefully enough - or you disagree with how most would use the terminology.

Now that all said: Would you play with the idea that Fury Warrior should be a fast paced spender spec, with huge 1.5 min burst as a profile? If so, OF is the way we should push towards.

I agree. Fury and prot have an identity. Fury is the barbarian spec and prot is defensive armor/weapon master. Arms however has no identity. It does bleed damagew with a 2h sword and has mostly same abilities as prot, or abilities that do the same with different icon (Retaliation vs shield wall). Mobile plate spec with a 2h sword and low burst damage, who has mostly just copy pasted abilities from prot. Arms is really identity-less.

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instead of casting 1 raging blow you cast 2x crushing blow after rampage basically the same thing also weirdly if you just stack rampage by spamming raging + crushing on that build it does almost the same damage. At least after the cb nerf its like that , there is no meaning to min max cb usage atm since stacking rampage also does the same damage and maybe more if you go with reckless abandon instead of anger management.

Still saying fury only has 2 ‘’ different’’ builds that hugely affects rotation. Rest of them are just variations. If you take spear you stand in it , if you take odyns fury you just replace it with onslaught does the same thing etc , your main rotation never changes almost. Press same buttons almost same order.

Problem is we dont shine on any of them , atm excluding spear and roar if you are taking anger management you gonna use your ravager reck and avatar combo every 30-40 sec ish , this is a sustain profile which should be fine but either needs number tuning or just an actual option in the talent tree which makes you choose if you want to sustain or burst ( old reckless abandon was that kinda).

Idk if you played legion or mop but those were the times when spec was actually complete. Atm we only have rampage as spender which is also causing problems.
Tbh only fix i can think of is just reverting execute changes came with bfa and please for the love of god remove this 5 target hard cap. Even fear is 5 target capped which is ultra weird cuz none of the other specs that has aoe fear has it capped at 5
Also sorry for late answers i don’t check forum too often.

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I played legion, that much is obvious. There is a reason why I want OF to actually be a strong button - because I remember when it was so. Not a glorfifed whirlwind as it is now. I also miss juggernaught and Fury execute phase being a thing. Yet the days of Fury execute is long gone - blizz made it clear that they want warrior execute to be subpar with the hardcap on Jugg stacks. Not to mention, Fury Ashen Jugg is a joke - doesn’t even stack to 10 for 100% crit - so it at least gave an illusion of high value.

Now, Odyn’s Fury itself could be the way to open up for a more burst heavy playstyle, yet with all the modifiers and OF being part of TT, it just is stuck to being… A dead button.

Hopefully though unlikely, we will see Odyn’s Fury get some love and actually be an option. Would be nice to push the button and actually see the damage meter move more than normal.

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