Odyssey - Ghostlands (Connected realms)

Odyssey (10/10HC)

We are a guild formed by a core of experienced raiders whose aim is to explore all the content we can. We always aim for Ahead of the Curve each raid tier and have achieved this since Legion.

We are just a group of friendly and relaxed people who enjoy a laugh together as well as various activities outside of raiding, Lots of M+ too.

We are now looking for raid-experienced members ready to move forward with us whilst there is downtime before the next raiding tier. We will consider less experienced players who are looking to learn and improve for raiding as well as M+.

We are looking for people who can commit to 2 nights per week that want to enjoy a raid and progress with a team. ‚Äč

Raid Times/Days:

Thursday - 8:00pm-11pm server time
Tuesday - 8:00pm-11pm server time

Looking for:
All DPS spots are open.

Feel free to send a whisper to myself or an officer in regards to any information you may require. You can contact me on BNET MrMeithos#2634 or Discord Meithos#5169

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