Of beer, sprites, and whatever between them. [N-RP]

A notice written in cursive, flowing letters is hung on the notice board next to the greenhouse, saying the following:

Blessed are we all to live in a time
when the love of Craft beer exceeds that for wine.
Hops, malt, and barley all now rule the day
When brewed up together in a nice I.P.A.
Who cares if some hipsters choose to babble away
about hints of oak in some obscure Chardonnay.
We are no longer limited to our father’s Budweiser.
The vast choice of beers would astound those old-timers!
Cherry, Wheat, pumpkin, and Brewfest
You’ll fall on your face ere you’ve tried all the rest!

Arch Botanist Dryden hereby invites all who wish to participate in a brew-themed event. Sign up, aid the Band, and earn some coin on the way!

  • those who sign up will get an in-game letter with additional information.

at least five people are needed for the expedition to take place, please leave a comment if you wish to participate.

  1. Uda
  2. Lillian
  3. Everly
  4. Dulvarinn

A large, green-clad woman signs her name, murmuring something about beer, barf, and a bucket…


Delightful! I will join if two additional players sign up today. :rose:


I’d love to join, count me in!


Yay, arrrrr, signs up, makes the five full.


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