Offense: PvP Non-Participation/Exploitation

1 week banned for defending bases in AB… PS: I play a lot but I don’t PVP all day either btw… I’m just rank 6 having fun…

Are we slapping bans on everyone now?

You should appeal. Defending bases in AB has always been something that looks like afk and has caused bans in the past.

According to the forums it’s been doing it a lot more recently. Something may have changed in Blizzards systems or is set incorrectly.

I think it possibly has … or it’s a ban wave.
In AB I try running around when defending a base, saying stuff in chat and hoping against hope that a horde will appear so I’m not registering as doing nothing.

Why are you posting in another persons thread when you have your own and nothing can be done for you when you post in the forums. APPEAL YOUR BAN.

I’m guessing this is related?