OG Iron Brew

Anyone still around from the Vanilla days? Fafnir, Drutten, Zahpod? My boys?
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Highly unlikely mate. Last time I was in Iron Brew was late TBC mid/WOTLK. Guild was very different. Chances players play in same realm are close to 0 :(

Thanks dude, knew it was a long shot. If anyone can throw me an invite to Iron Brew regardless please hook me up.

Were you named Taintedheal in Iron Brew? I know Vertexian and Zaphod. Still play with them now.

Hey Tainted, long time, hope your well.
I think Drutten and Kilgor still play.
Zardof went horde for a while, lost touch with him after Lich.
Pongen and Gnurov quit playing after Lich King.
Bikerbabe and Sten were still going.
Zaph and I dip in and out a little with each new expansion.
Haven’t really had the wow bug since raiding in Lich.
Bumped into Xel a few years back in game.

After vanilla and the first 2 wow expansions, everything paled in comparison. didnt matter how much we wanted a raiding guild, it was just never the same again.

Still game with Zaph only now its anything but wow.
Currently a little Ark, with Division 2 on the horizon.

Some names i’d completely forgotten about there! I will be back for Classic although playing Horde this time. Be good to link up with some people from a lifetime ago.

Hi guys - I’m still living in the Philippines, although it’s Manila now.
I’ll be in Europe soon, and will be able to play for about 30 days after the classic launch. Not sure how viable playing from on EU servers from Manila is, the ping is 277+. Yesterday it was 400.
I hope Musk hurries up with his low-latency Starlink network.
In any event, contact me if you’re up to leveling in Classic on Alliance side. My reddit handle is Advo96.
I will probably play around 8+ hours per day while I’m in Europe.