Ogre Achievers

I have recieved a formal apology in game and have been requested to remove all comments.

GL HF and im glad you have looked into this issue.

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Hi Deaddougs (though we communicated with you under your Hunter Tantrid)

I’m Guild Leader of Ogre Achievers and had the pleasure of speaking with you earlier. I invited you to our semi-Guild pug for world tour after doing a gear and achievement check at the bank.

About a minute after you joined, our Guild’s main tank and one of our DPS flagged to me that they’d been involved in 2 toxic situations with you within the last week, one of which involved you ninjaing the SNR from Eye 10. I listened to their description of you, and decided to remove you from the raid.

At this point the raid had not started, so you were not saved to any lockouts in any way. I explained this in /raid and politely said I would be removing you. Happy to share screenshots.

You took the matter to whispers and were extremely irate. I replied to your capslock raging and was calm in my explanation to you, and you continued to rage out in /w while we started our raid. After explaining to you several times and wishing you GL, you continued to whisper, so I didn’t respond to give you space to calm down.

After another 15 minutes you /w me to call us all toxic and say you were making this post. I replied that I looked forward to reading it, but you’d placed me on /ignore.

I don’t appreciate you falsely accusing us of ninja looting and derogatory communication when I was nothing but polite and kind to you. I’ll post our conversation to the server disc as I think your behaviour here crosses the line. Today was our first interaction (and I’m GM) so everything you’ve said is a lie.

GL & HF.


Sorry buddy - I was leading a raid so had no time to respond to you after your 20th message. I’d explained the situation as best I could and you began to rage out. When I replied later on you’d placed me on /ignore.

Just to make it very clear, I won’t be posting here again.


Would really appreciate it if you stop slandering the guild.

You joined our World tour as a pug, as Merke said, you were removed before you got saved to anything.

He was nothing but polite to you and you proceeded to send multiple messages (which we have screenshots of) whilst he is in a raid and in a boss fight.

It doesn’t matter what happened previously, you had had a bad run in with one of our members and therefore we take his word over a pugs. He is a guildie.

Quite frankly your behaviour after being removed from the group confirmed everything he said about you.

I don’t really understand what you are reporting our members for? This is the first time 99% of that group had ever seen you and the only comment made to you was the polite message from Merke explaining why you were being removed.

Do you have proof of this Ninjaing? We certainly don’t encourage that behaviour and would appreciate some evidence of it so we can deal with it. There has never been a ninja loot issue in any raids I have attended or led in OA.


You may go down whatever road you wish, I cannot control what other people have said to you in whispers, and seen as there are no screenshots of this alleged ‘derogatory’ whispers, what do you expect people to think?

Besides, if they did indeed send horrible messages to you, reporting them was indeed the right thing to do, Blizzard will ban them. Or you if they were false reports. Either way we will get an outcome.

Spamming someone 20+ times in a matter of minutes because you were removed from a pug is abnormal behaviour. It was a pug. You were not saved. You were not cheated out of loot. I don’t see where the problem lies here. You were free and able to join another group.

I do not believe any mistake was made in our raid tonight regarding this issue. It was discussed as a guild and the decision was made to remove you was made as a guild.

Why would we not take the word of someone we have spent hours raiding and chatting with over someone that just showed up? I don’t know you and you don’t know me.

I really hope you calm down and see the pettiness of what you are posting here slandering us for. You are literally saying our whole guild is toxic because we decided against taking you to our pug.

No one from our Guild or officer team have given you an apology, and no one has asked you to remove your comments here.

The player who was whispering me abuse gave me an apology via /w in game. I’ve moved on why are you still clinging onto this a day later ? Did this whole situation you created make you lose sleep or something.

They apologised END OF!!! as much as they dont wish to admit it to you, It happened. Now move on and stop squawking.


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