Oh boy, are english roleplay servers alive

As someone who just transferred from the german realms for roleplay, I have to say I have never seen so many active roleplayers in an evening.

Aldor (german) at best has maybe like 50 players in Stormwind on some good days. Meanwhile Argent Dawn comes round up to 100+ in Stormwind alone.

That is pretty impressive. It is just sad that roleplay on german realms is dying out with time and the more sadly part is that roleplaying has a big stigma in german gaming culture.


Yeah no AD is absolutely packed even at the worst of times. It is wonderful.

Yeah the thing is… The german servers will only have German players, of course.

The English servers have all the rest of Europe, excluding French, German, and Spain. Still, you’ll meet a lot of people from those countries, people from the Isles, Western Europe, Eastern Europe. With people all around Europe there are also many websites, mods, and outside services that support European RP.

Not to get political… but it kinda shows how it’s way better for us sticking together as one Europe.


Used to play on Forscherliga and its super dead… honestly.
Outside of a guild that does their own stuff here or there and privately rp, its barren as hell.
Argent dawn does have a lot on alliance side and is super lively. But I wish the horde rp could match that a little more and was more open and freeform.
People do complain often that there is a lack of casual or walk-up rp but I feel that lots of people just observe and point that out rather than join in and take steps to make it better themselves.
Don’t be afraid, just throw yourself into the experience and live a little ^^

To be honest, Demis and Heramis here are both my characters (yes, I am the post creator). The only 2 reasons preventing me to transfer my Heramis from the Kult der Verdammten-Realm to the Argent Dawn one is because of:

  • I have a few friends on KdV which are semi-active
  • On Argent Dawn there is someone who has already a character named “Heramis”, a lvl 12 Kul Tiran. I wish I could ask if that person makes the name free for me, so I can switch at some point, but yeah… Won’t happen.

Other than that I can say that my german realm is RP wise dead. On alliance side 1 single person is constantly the catalyst for Roleplay and from what that person told me he thinks about taking the step out from RP altogether…

Maybe soon there will be a new version of “Heramaar” on AD…

Big plus +++++++++++++

Can’t say it enough. Walk-ups are what led me to my RP characters becoming who they are today and in its own strange way encouraging more confidence to create concepts that usually do not do walk-ups (cold personalities, evasive behaviour etc.) yet still enjoy them.

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