Ok, What am i missing?

Ok I have done and timed a +20 Fall, but am not getting in on +15,16,17 Fall’s am farming my weps and am getting a lot of hate for playing a DH what gives ?

We’ll do a quick survey and get back to you?

In the meantime, have you added people you had good runs with so you don’t have to go the pug route?

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M+ should have just had a queue. If you got x key and y ilvl, you should have been able to just queue for any key in x-5 range.

Near 2.5k rating and it’s just straight up silly to see the amount of people declining me signing up for a +11.


Well two things.

  1. no one wants to run the same M+ 5000 times so 1 guy can get 2 glaves
  2. I like to pug lol, Last week wasn’t a issue. This week am getting hate coz of my class?

I was expecting a reason for getting hate for playing a DH, silly me.

I mean… You are legally blind so have to drag a seeing eye dog around!

Though, honestly no idea for whatever hate. Probably some idiots that are being hysterical over the 12% aoe nerf.

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The nerf that so far looks like its increasing dmg. Did some keys earlier and 345k overall… Yup Honestly wayyyyy too low :roll_eyes:

That aside Klaneas, youll find your up against a shed load of other DH who are anything from 1k rating to 3.2k because their all after the same thing.

Are you actively getting hate when you sign up or are you just not being picked?

I suspect its the latter and you’re being a drama queen.

people just want meta classes + want you to have higher ratings. i spend 15 mins average before getting an invite for +18 after timing +17 with +2 xd progress with pugs is just awful

it is not you, it is the people.

on first day s3 i was rank 1 hpal with 1.8k and then i queued late in the evening and most didnt take me either, idk why. So I stopped for the day and didnt have time to play the remaining week anyway.

After 1 week I was playing again for fortified week and went to 3k score with my own keys, but when on 3k score and 478 ilvl with completed 24s, I still didnt get invites for keys of other persons.

Why? Idk, maybe they search resto druids.
I know that there arent queueing better heals, because I went my own keys as tank and ret and saw the queues. Everything with lower io or ilvl or both queued.

In the end, in a overall M+ Dungeon, even though Rdruid may be the reason, the hpal dps is the same and I also do 60-90k on bosses while healing or up to 300k depending on pull size for aoe pulls, more like 100k on 5 targets. (this can also be compared to the highest io keys now when watching the streams. Sure depends on dungeon sometimes because of aoe or not, but hpal is even on the worse dungeons not very much behind, especially better than disc. I still want buffs though to be back like in legion, use wings and burst like a dps.) Also, when now speaking of pugs, then most random healers arent even capable of doing dps like top io players, so their choice to decline me was wrong anyway.

So it is a problem you shouldnt worry about. People…

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Almost 45 people sign up dude it’s not because you’re good or have good rating you shall be picked :slight_smile: Maybe they already had a DH or looking for something else :stuck_out_tongue: i’m a holy paladin 2700 rating almost 480 gear still get declined :stuck_out_tongue: get over it and que for ohter runs

fall generally has bis items for rogues, dhs, and tanks.

This means that each time someone lists their key, they have an abudance of melee specs to choose. Not bringing bl or cr does not help either.

Generally I am 99% certain this has nothing to do with you, but with the other people in the queue with you. Competition is massive for that place.

will never work and hell no i hope they never do that haha.

I think it has something valuable for almost every spec out there.

Healers and some casters likely go for it too because of the execute staff that drops from there (which is what I am trying to get for MW spec).

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