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Update to recruitment.

Yoo i have addewd you im a former mythic raider now looking to come back to Wow i will be maining Evoker ( spent around 150h on beta playing it to be safe! )

My bnet is Glenn#22840 if i added the wrong person!

if you ever have a tank spot free myself (priest heals) and my friend (prot war) would be interested guys but gl on recruitment

We are set on tanks but I will keep you in mind.

Hi! This guild seems like a perfect match for me in both mindset and raid days. I’ve applied through the guild finder system as MW monk as above it stated it’s still open and it was going to be a close second to what my original plan was of going resto druid. :smiley: Hope to see you in game soon ^.^

Hey you guys looking for healers for raiding?
I might have some questions as i raid in classic too, so if you looking for a healer
You can contact me on discord: Critz#1093

My forum post if you want to take a look about details :slight_smile:

Yes, though currently mainly looking for Sham/HPriest/Monk

Few spots remain…SP/Boom/Rog

1 Heal spot

Couple DPS openings and Sham healer


I added you online to begin a discussion about a group of players potentially interested in joining your raiding guild. We all have mixed raiding experience and like to push keys, we have recently returned to the alliance and attempted to start our own guild - but unfortunately it has not worked out.

There are roughly 4-5 of us (I play a rogue, we also have a WW Monk, Balance druid, UH DK and a Vengeance DH) that would be looking to raid heroic and run keys with people. All English speaking, sociable and like a good laugh on Discord.

Thanks for reading.

Look forward to hearing from you or speaking online - Arawyn

Hey Arawyns,

A bit dated on this post, I must have missed this the other day. We would possibly have room for you and friends in HC raids assuming some xp and gear as we are getting close on finish Razageth as of this post. Mythic spots are probably taken at this point until some drop out. However, a lot of keys at different ranges and friendly alt runs to play with.

Mythic and HC spots

Mythic spots for Ret/Lock/SP/Mage/DK

DPS/Heal spot open for mythic

u guys need a ww monk?

Not a priority but definitely have a spot for experienced players available if able to make raids.


any spots enh/resto shaman or retri/prot paladin for 10.1?

Enh not ideal but if experienced ok/resto yes/ret yes/prot no