Old elite pvp sets

Would like a way to access the old PVP elite tier sets, not to be just brought with marks of honour but maybe related to the current season of pvp Like achieving a high pvp score to be able to purchase them for marks of honour or gold, making it still a grind to access but making them accessible for new players who isn’t been around for as long

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This suggestion is going to make alot of people scream. I actually think they should be obtainable though but under the same conditions n limited supply. Essentially whenever you obtain elite in any season, instead of the current elite set you get an elite token that you can then use to buy any of the elite sets for the class you aquire elite with. I would limit it to just one per season though per character.

I think they should be available for just marks of honor, after a new expansion hits. Mythic raid gear also becomes a lot easier to farm as soon as the expansion is done. It gives a fun carrot to chase doing random bg’s. You can make them expensive so you still need to put some time in it.

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