Old gods and titans, just as bad both of them

I think old gods and titans are just as bad as the other, both literaly wants to controll what is happening on Azeroth, buy meddling with the mortal races for their own gains, question is, who is worse than the other.

for example the old gods, they do corrupt people and things, to get people to join them, but at same time, they also give almost everyone who do join them more powers, but also if you aint realy want to join them, they also wont kill you unless you totaly oppose them and try to stop them.

titans again, even if they do give powers to some, and say they let mortal races do their thing, they are lying big time, becuse those who they have given power to, instantly interfears if things aint going the way the titans feel it should go, and if they notice you for any reason meddle with things that they deem forbbiden they kill you.

so both sides are powerhungry and only wants to control you.

My vote is for Old Gods…If they corrupt & convert everone there would be great harmony and peace in the Black Empire that would everlast forever… I was so happy when I saw the glimpses when n’zoth unearthed , also the visions of future & the promise…and all we have now is broken dreams and some messed up dragonic humanoids who cannot fly or fight properly…

They have pretty much stated outright that dominion of any one cosmic force would be catastrophical, and that the right balance is needed for us mortals to flourish as what we are. So yeah, just like the OGs the Titans in general aren’t particularly interested in keeping a healthy balance for mortals, though they at least seem scientifically interested in them and their uses.

There is still room for different characters and motives among Titans and Old Gods, though, so some might be more of a positive force for mortals than others.

That’s somewhat of a hard sell. Our interactions with titan stuff overall has always been trying to repair it, prevent it’s misuse, helping us deal with a major threats or proving our merit. The Old Gods generally speaking have over the years been the cause of solely suffering, destruction and madness, with their followers being mostly a doomsday cult, which seeks to destroy the world down to an ashen wasteland.

While Blizzard has lately gone to great lengths to discredit the titans the only void character, who can be referred to as something of a positive influence is Xal. (Not counting Aleria, because frankly it had next to no impact on her as a character outside occasionally turning purple)

Whose introduction was essentially one questline. So nothing they can’t easily repeat. With the Odyn-text Blizzard seems to be pushing the idea that what we thought wasn’t necessarily wrong, but deliberately incomplete. So… there is your room for new, less extreme void-characters in WoW’s rewritten history and future. If that’s gonna lead anywhere, I’d assume that it’d have to be something like this.

yes we have been doing that, but also rember that atleast on one occation, we almost destroyed the hole planet due to it, when we encountered Algalon, even if the titans is about preservation and things like that, they have put in things that can easily destroy everything, and they do not even bother to put in fail safes most of the time, only reason we didnt blow up Azeroth, was becuse algalon was sentient and realiced we could defend our selfs, had that not been the case, it could werry well been hole planet would have been gone.

Old Gods do curropt and other bad stuff, but same time, none of them has never tried to blow up the planet, becuse thats not what they want to do, they want to keep Azeroth alive, their followers do some sketchy stuff, but i think this is mostly becuse the old gods never had full control over them so they became mad.
like if we look at N´zoth we can se that when an old god is at full controll they do not try to destroy everything, but instead controll everything, and get everyone to follow them.

Titans aint that much different in this case at all, they also meddle with everyone, trying to push their agendas on to everyone else, what causes conflicts also.

She spent all of Legion whispering to the Shadow Priests, as well as having her part in the artefact story book. So one could say she had a lot more than most void characters put together. It was through her that they had introduced the idea void isn’t just about tentacles and doomsday cults pretty much.

Algalon was the final failsafe, after Ulduar has been completely compromised by Loken’s betrayal and Yogg’Saron nearly escaped. To their eyes most of the mortal races were simply more of the same corrupted minions, at first. (Which is fair enough given that Humans, Undead, Dwarves, Gnomes and Orcs directly trace their lineage to titan-made creatures and we still don’t exactly know where the troll-elf line came from outside evolving in the woods around the well of eternity.)

Cataclysm alone saw them attempt it 3 times.

Sounds like you’re making my point. :man_shrugging:

yes, but as I said, I do not think the old gods, had full control over those they did corrupt at that point, most where imprisoned or dead or close to be dead, exept N´zoth. He didnt even have full control over Azhara.

I’m not disagreeing that they could introduce new void based characters, who are more temperate, however neither does that contradict what i said originally regarding the Void side being overwhelmingly villainous, with one single exception. (Well i suppose 2, if you count the Locus-Walker, who exists to teach Aleria and that’s pretty much all Blizz has for him.)

Those minions were following their orders, in attempting to bringforth the Hour of Twilight.(otherwise known as end of the world, as we’ve seen what their sucess looks like)

Actually neither of the sides is bad or good.

They all are described as cosmic forces naturally striving for dominance over the other.
The most screwed force in the universe so far are the Elemental Powers. Time and again they have been dominated either by the Titans, Old Gods, totured by the Legion and so on.

Mostly because there isn’t any true unitary being that rules the Elements. It seems to be the most spread around the Cosmos.

Titans want the universe to be ordered.
Light wants it to be unified in one boring form.
Void wants it to be devoured in twisted eldritch form.
Legion wanted it to be simply destroyed.
Death, and most notably Zovaal and Denathrius wanted it to be killed and reshaped a new.
And it is in this twisting chaos that all in between gets the riccochets. Just take the mortal races of Azeroth. They are amalgamationof everything at once.

Let’s take Human Warlock for example. It is a being that is a Titan construct, corrupt with curse of flesh, evolved through natural means from original Vrykul form, and practices Demonic magic.

You can’t make more convoluted origin.

To put it simply. All cosmic forces are as evil as they are good. They simply are and do what their nature tells them to.

And part of their activities is to influence the mortal races and use them as extention of their will.

Speaking of which it is almost lore breaking that Alliance is still standing with all the Void Elves and Lightforged Draenei. Representatives of two completely opposite cosmic forces that constantly obliterate each other.

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