Old Grudge Recruiting- 25yrs + Guild (1/8M) - LF range and healers


The Old Grudge has been on Deathwing since vanilla and remains and active and social guild. We have a mature player base, with all player over 25yrs (most older than that) and are part of theoldergamers community.

We currently have two raid groups that raid twice a week. Both groups concentrate on clearing HC quickly and offer a flexible and enjoyable raid experience.

NRG - Wed and Monday (1/M),
HGT - Thursday and Sunday (8/8HC) .

Currently looking for new raiders for 8.1

NRG have open spots for

Range DPS (any class considered)
Healers (any class considered, pref Pally, priest or Druid)
Melee DPS - Warrior

Socials are always welcome

For me info whisper me at Sewoh#2374

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