Old Grudge Recruiting 9/12M - 25 years + Guild

The Old Grudge has been established since Vanilla. It is an active guild, focused on those players need who need to balance WoW with real life commitments. We are part of the oldergamers…com network, so all players need to be 25 yrs and over.

We have players from across Europe and can provide a friendly environment for raiders, socials and those interested in M+ and achievement hunters.


We currently have two raid groups

  1. Wednesday/Monday - Semi/hardcore group aimed at mythic raiding. Currently 9/12 M and looking to start mythic. Actively recruiting for DPS as we have had to cancel last couple of raids due to lack of numbers.

  2. Thursday/Sunday - Casual aimed at clearing HC quickly. Always interested in new members. Currently 12/12 HC.

  3. Friday - Fun run, relaxed raid for anyone interested. Currently doing Jaina Mythic runs each week to get people mounts.

For more info please drop us a message


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