Old player returning for SL looking for new home

Hey, as the topic suggests, I’m an old player (been playing since vanilla) and I’ve sort of skipped most of BfA but now looking to return properly for Shadowlands.

I work a lot of hours and have a varied work pattern so don’t have the right availability for mythic raiding unfortunately but id love to find a guild that does Mythic+ and would take this behind the curve noob to some +15’s and maybe a bit of heroic raiding here and there (alt runs maybe?)

A bit about me. I’m 31, from the UK and like I mentioned above I’ve been playing since Vanilla. I raided consistently up till Legion in a variety of roles and cleared most content while it was in the current tier before my career took over and I no longer had time. I’m not an elite player but I’m competent enough to do a good job and I’m always open to feedback and pointers.

Anything else, just ask. My tag is Kammy#21897, just add me and I’m happy to chat. I’m currently on the horde side of Arathor but I’m happy to realm/faction change if the right guild/project comes along. I’ve also not locked in a main for shadowlands but it will more than likely be the DK. Not settled on Tank or DPS yet though.

Thanks in advance,


Hello telemiie.

Us at Faster than Lag knows everything about not being able to commit to a very serious raiding schedule. I hope our post will peague your interest :slight_smile: Please have a read and contact me if you have any questions or even want to join us on Ragnaros :slight_smile:

Hey Telemiie,

My guild Véndetta is always on the lookout for more m+'ers. We have several players that have multiple characters for their m+ dungeons and players from all strenghts. If you’d like to push keys or want an evening of some chill lower level m+, there are always players happy to join.

We are mostly active during evenings though as the majority of our guild are a tad older (I’d say mostly 25-35 with some exceptions), have jobs and families so daytime runs are scarce.

I do want to mention that we also have a hc/mythic raiding team so when we raid, our raiders are less likely to join for m+ that evening, not untill after the raid is done ofcourse. That being said, if you’d like to dabble into raiding once in a while when your workschedule allows it, you just have to ask an officer and maybe we can arrenge for you to join sometimes, maybe just the heroic clears if you wanna stay out of mythic. Nothing obligated, but we’re always open for suggestions and helping our guildies. We play the game for fun and our main priority is that all our guildies are having a good time with us.

We’re situated on the connected realms Alonsus, Anachronos and Kul Tiras (alliance) and have been around since 2007. We’re a long lasting guild on this server and plan to keep going for a good while longer! :slight_smile:

If this sounds like the kind of place you’re looking for, feel free to add my Btag and we have a little chat:

Kind regards,
Keata (officer of Véndetta)

RAID : Shadowlands Legends is a 2 night raiding guild, we raid on wed and sun 20.00 - 23.00 .
We start this guild fresh with a core of people who raided the last 2 years together.
Looking for mythic progression, although unsure about cutting edge.
Social and active players.

Also a playerbase for M+ and Arenas

DirtyHaribo#0676 Hit me up on discord for more info.