Old vanilla/tbc guys still playing from balnazzar?

Hey! I'm trying to create a discord community based on people who were playing on balnazzar in the old days (veiled, flawless/confused, harlequins, nightmare on elf street, rigor mortis, ahma, shades of fury, equilibrium, midgard, phoenix flame, paparazzi, nordlys, faithe, kharma and many others that I can't remember.)

Both horde and alliance are welcome since I know most people have probably been changing around races and changing realms.

My main objective was trying to make a safe place for people that knew each other a long time ago so we would be surrounded by people that are not complete strangers to each other and have an easier start to doing whatever pve/pvp/rp content the game has to offer and well.. just to socialize normally. :D
boy oh boy! I remember all those great guild names and here I thought people have forgotten all about them!
In the past many were my great rivals, even to look up too at times.
Seeking to be an equal in their eyes, some kind of status, honor & power. hehe.
You know? I never thought I would say this, but I miss´those days- and people.
Since I feel this lack with there aren't much guild activities anymore with guilds reputations/progresses on a server with all this cross-realm bs. mixing it all up that's resulting in people and their guild names will always be the unknown and otherworldly one for me that bears no Impression towards me. heh.

Well I transferred away from Balnazzar and I have found a new home.
But, if I was still playing here, same faction, then I would totally dig this!
There's a whole bunch of us in Stardust at least ;)
I just joined after several years off.

I used to play for Independence (first guild, quite newby), Midgard, The Dragonfelltribe, and Ascend.

I was In confused, Under the leadership of Mortimus UD rogue, Think i originally started around the time AQ was coming out, either way did a lot of raiding with them, just started NAXX before BC came out then I think the guild just drifted away,

Wonder what ever happened to them all, I am still looking for a friend Called Jilljin from Balnazzar after all this time troll priest, Just seemed to lost contact.

But I will be up for some Discord, relive some of the old memories, Happy to answer any questions, not exactly saying I am good or anything but I supposed time played over 200 days on my rogue Lol. and nothing to show :D!

Just let me know where to Join,



There could be a few players from those guilds you mentioned in the Aphorism guild. Give officers there a shout, Artof* may know a few as well.

Mhm quite the bunch playing from the old days, I think it was a few months back I got into a random heroic and in it were 2-3 players I raided with in vanilla. Kinda depressing, my druid is 14 years old :confused:

I’m still around, not knowing how much of a familiar name I’d be.
I’ve been on Balnazzar since it launched, raiding in Mysterious and Upperhand during Vanilla, maybe a stint in another guild or two. Also went to Shades of Fury for a couple of years - but that wasnt until 2011/13.

There’s a lot of original Balnazzar players around, a few of the ones I know from back then are still in the same guild I am.

Shïawase - Formerly Blenderz in Confused.
and others.

We’re around, probably will be for years to come.

I remember you Killme : ) Spendt most of my time in Shades of Fury, still play but new server and new faction.

I was a druid on ally Side i think a guild called - Edge of eternity at that time. after it disbanded i joined nordlys for a bit, Those where the times. Cheers lads


Oh ye Killme

I member :grapes:

Did you create the discord? Would love an invite.

Ashraven, Orc warrior of Equilibrium.


I’m not really an OG as I didn’t start playing until late TBC and I transferred my main from the server during the dark days of MOP when Balnazzar had one of the smallest populations in EU… But I kinda still miss the MOP days because the server had become so small that everyone knew everyone, and a lot of the horde was in the same guild. I Think the guild master was called Detrimental or something like that. But I was one of the stupid Danes who had dk after my name… btw can anyone who played during TBC/WOTLK confirm if Blanazzar was a High/full pop server back in the day?

I am bound to Balnazzar since the early dawn of the year 2006. I’ve been playing actively during Vanilla and TBC. My very first raiding experience was with ConFused (Those long nights in BWL man!) over time I changed several guilds like Equilibrium and Ravenous …PvЕ didn’t particularly appeal to me, so I found my comfort in Nightmare On Elf Street. Those were wonderful times !!!

Then I made a return for Legion played until the launch of Tomb of Sargeras along with other old school balnazzarians (Teo, Darkangel, Aleonic, Srs) pretty much the old Ravenous squad. I have seen some dudes from the old Upperhand Guild like Killme, Reaperis and Olli. Now I made a comeback about a week ago, and the only active oldschool balnazzarian that I’ve seen online is Medusa. I hope to see more returners for Shadowlands :slight_smile:

I use to be with veiled. My hunter was called messiah at the time. I was there for the when we cleared sunwell. Was some good times be awesome to find some old players again. I’ve just got back in the game for new expansion myself.

This warlock was made back in early 2006. I remember Veiled, Dragonfell tribe, Silent but deadly, Fraternity, Equilibrium, Nightmare on elf street.

Such good old days with a lot of cool and laidback guys, even though i was a rookie back then, people were had a cool attitude.

Think i even remember you, Tangun, only by the nick

Dayum, I remember nightmare on elf street! :o O have been afk from the game for 8 years and came back for re-roll on classic and TBC.

Fondest of memories on Balnazzar, some of my best IRL friends came from that server before we exited in WOTLK.

I was playing with Celebrity & Equilibrium xD

My main was Ankhesanemun - Mage! Most of the people I know don’t play wow anymore… I feel like a lot of the original people who played Vanilla > TBC > WOTLK don’t play anymore as retain is kind of horrible :s … Sorry, tried to edit my original post (Anknehet)

Still Rockin


Did someone make a Discord? Was warrior and hunter in the dragonfell tribe, from burning blade to balnazzar where most guilds ended up with free transfer. The dragonfell tribe is still active ( only Norwegians) but we are on kazzak now.

My warrior was called Martinde and played alot with Efendi, Herc and alot more