Old WoW forum gone?

Hi all,

It seems that the old WoW forums are no longer available, the link just redirects to the new forum.


What I found in one of the FAQs

Sorry if I’ve posted this in the wrong forum, just wanted someone to confirm that the old forums are gone now.

The old forums are now read only. So only these ones you are on now can be interacted with.

Thanks for the reply.
The thing is the forums are no longer there, if you follow the link I posted it will redirect you to the new forum instantly.

He’s right, looks like the old forums are not just in a “read only” state, but nuked entirely.

A real shame as there was a lot of pertinent and useful information still on the old forums.


Seems like they were indeed nuked. Noticed it a couple of days ago, just wanted to confirm it here.

Yeah, it’s kind of weird. The home page just redirects you to the new forum, but they are still indeed archived and read-only if you go to specific links, ie: https://eu.battle.net/forums/en/wow/872818/

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The link does indeed redirect to avoid confusion. You can still access the archived forum through direct links (for example, a link to an old thread and navigate from there). Do note that this will be removed at some point though, we do not know how long that will stick around for.

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