Older armor tokens not adjusted to new ilvls?

Another oversight?
BfA content scales up to level 60 now (to my dismay because I wanted to do easy Visions when DF hits), but Benthic armor tokens require level 50 and have an item level of 66, while scaled gear at that level should have ilvl 148. You already get 66 at char level 24-25!
Same with Black Empire gear tokens. Ilvl 76, char level required is 50.


Its in general a mess. While doin wotlk dungeon at 26 lvl dropped a 45ilvl shoulder (and i needed to reach 30lvl to wear it). And i had already a purple one with 98 ilvl.


Another rushed out feature that wasnt tested properly. Should be used to it but scaling issues is a constant issue.


Then I will assume the BfA-to-60 change only brings downsides and no upsides. I lost the ability to run Visions in easymode, but I assume the world bosses do not drop level 60 high-end gear. (I might try to make sure, though.)

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The timewared vendor is selling nice items for a rubbish Ilvll of 50. No point getting anything off him.

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I also just noticed, in hope of having one more boss loot opportunity, that while Kul Tiras and Zandalar are level 60, Nazjatar is level 50!
Then the Visions should be, too. But probably not. Gotta check. (New Silithus is 60.)

Because Zandalar and Kul’Tiras are leveling zones that every new player is forced to go through as they cant pick Chromie time and BFA was kept as the starter experience and as such updated to 60 as to avoid having to send new players into this sorry excuse called trashlands. Nazjatar however isnt a leveling zone.

Then generally the nice thing would have been to not disable timewalking at max level but to allow the use of that feature to decide whether one wants to have such regions in max level or their old expac-conforming one. Then I could choose to have those in level 50.

In any case, now I really have to go and try what level the Visions are, since that isn’t leveling content either.

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I share your pain, I was not happy with this decision either, and think as someone who completed the content when is was current, should now have the option to run that as legacy content, especially when in a couple of day’s it’s four years old.

This decision implies I am going to have to wait six years until the next expansion when they can do the same to Dragonflight…just a mess.

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Timewalking Discord made post about this on the patch day but so far there has been 0 communication about this from Blizzard. I have also been spreading news on reddit, sent feedback in-game etc

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