Older player looking for group

been playing wow from the beginning ,yrs are catching up with now , memory not as sharp. looking for group of people/guild on darkspear who are patient, polite understanding. who have got their own problems also . generally for social contact do dungeons leading to mythics hopefully, just see where it goes

I’m going to throw my name in the hat here too. I’m a horde mage called Guillin (cant select the character for some reason). Looking as a social player :slight_smile:

hi will look for u when on line add to friends list

Hey sorry for the delay in replying. Been a busy few days with easter and what not. Gimme a buzz on Guillin#2592 if you find/have found something :slight_smile:

cheers look me up on darkspear hawk with horde chara , have a chat add as friend

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