Oldschool darksorrow players`

looking for 2010 darksorow players :D
anyone still alive:D?
i was called lemar
mainly in deadly panda squad and aesthesis
anyone else alive from that time D:D?
2010 oldschool...

did someone say oldschool????
15/09/2014 19:10Posted by Ssyrkmiad
2010 oldschool...


mm maybe not oldschool to you but almost 5 years is to me, especially since the server died and many ppl went :)
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such dead server
Wow Ssyrkmiad, that's a name I've not heard since the vanilla Lorekeeper days, Hope you're well!

I still lurk the forums from time to time :P
Darksplitter !!!
Hi there!
Long time no see

And yes, this server is !@#$ing dead! Although you wont know me if you played in 2010 as I quit wrath/cata and only played in vanilla/tbc.

Nice to see FC still exist in some form
Still alive. Still more old-school than you!
nawww so old school… night elf hunter ftw WOTLK best times ever
Zluk how about me and Mendor buy you a cup of coffee?
OMG I remember deadly panda squad
Deadly what?
Chickenboy, do you remember when you played back in the days? in vanilla?
yah dude those were the days
I don't understand why some Horde people that played here years ago keep saying that the server is dead. Just because most people on your faction decided to leave doesn't mean that the server is dead. We are more than alive on the Alliance side and Horde side is much better than it used to be.
Oldschool? yeah i'm oldschool... Nizque & Piizh were my names back then. Horde Darksorrow

i was playing there from 2004-2012
12/10/2014 16:43Posted by Zluk
Still alive. Still more old-school than you!

omg Zluk!!
i remember you! :>