Oldschool Mistweaver looking for 10man

Hi all, once upon a time ran a guild with pretty much the same group of friends from TBC->Mists. Then people had kids, life happened and the guild kind of faded. I still play casually, with the new expansion I’ve been thinking about what I enjoy the most and it occurred to me that 10m was always my favourite due to the impact that a single player could have. Sure I understand the benefits of flex on the roster and it has definitely been a net positive to the game but I still miss those more intimate raids…

So, I figured I’d post and see if there was any like minded people/guild that also wanted to try and raid “as close to 10 as possible” without hurting the roster.

Just throwing it out there. I’m UK and can raid 2 nights a week between 20:00 and 23:00 server time.

If there is anyone/guilds please let me know. Cheers. M

(Meeglol, Mistweaver Monk. Dragonmaw - the change character forum code appears bugged and I can’t show the character)

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