Omen of Clarity glyph for Cataclysm Classic

Anyone knows if the current Omen of Clarity glyph for Feral cats is going to stay or is going away with Cataclysm classic?

Given that Omen of clarity is functionally identical between WotLK and Cata, (except for the fact that it needed a talent point on Wrath to be learnable, and it’s now baseline for all druids on Cata), the Glyph will still be relevant for avoiding bearweaving on cat rotations in the new expansion.

But maybe it has already run it’s course and will go away with the Cataclysm Prepatch given all the balance issues it brought.

Right now the Glyph is being ported with the Characters copied to the Cataclysm Beta realms, and it’s active and working fine on the Beta, but in the other hand it’s not present on the Glyph interface for adding it anew…

Maybe a good alternative if Blizzard don’t want to keep the current glyph in Cataclysm would be to change the current WotLK Omen of clarity glyph to a “Faerie fire feral glyph” which could add a direct damage component to the Faerie Fires casted while in cat form (much like it already happens while in bear form by default)

This way:

  • the glyph still fulfills it’s original purpose of being a filler for low energy downtimes on the cat rotation without having to resort to bearweaving
  • this way they make sure it doesn’t affect any other spec besides feral cat
  • this change makes the glyph much simpler to balance. Blizzard can just tweak the AP coefficient of the direct damage component, so they can put overall feral dps easily on any spot they want, without any unexpected side effect.
  • this will help people wanting to main feral cat on cataclysm, as feral dps is expected to be subpar without any changes if going by the original Cata baselines.
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