On the topic of void elves and their numbers growing

The amount of void elves in BFA was quite notable. Literal large platoons being used.
Now seeing that they now have “normal” skin tones and option to also have somewhat voidy hair at the same time, is it likely that the ren’dorei have found a way to have a “Second Generation” of initiates, High and Blood elves who wish to study the darker arts or join the Alliance and mark themselves to make it known who they are loyal towards?

I am asking this because I find it a very likely possibility myself and wish to RP it out but before that I am wondering what others think.

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With zero lore on the matter of future void elf creation and void elves being a big one shot cosmic oopsie, they’re in an awkward spot. It’s not a process shown to be replicated but the scholars drawn to Telogrus show there to be a few adherents that aren’t strictly void elves.

If you want to roleplay one of those, know that there’s no known canon way for that character to ever become a full void elf. Not that many would willingly subject themselves to a lifetime of maddening whispers.

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I think a similar question has been raised before, and I must admit I’m still not sure; Can more void elves be created? How?

But if the answer to the first question is yes, then basically any elf should be able to become a void elf…

As for why anyone would want to; I would think, for the same reason as the OG void elves sought that power in the first place: To be strong enought to take on the next big threat.

Only the bravest (or most foolish) would do so, of course, considering the considerable danger of going insane - or just… imploding?

We know it ever since the demon hunters’ dawn, that one must have to sacrifice everything at times for a greater good, even if that means one’s very sanity.

Some fires can only be fought with another fire, for they may be resistant against the waters of life. That which you use against your foe might be harmful for you as well - be mindful of your opponent’s weaknesses.

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They start out as a small group,” Danuser continues. “But it’s natural as other elves have found out about them — elves who are interested in new sources of magic, power, or opportunities — would see if they could undergo a similar process. They’re not ... recruiting, necessarily, but they’re open to those who show a similar interest.”
This, coming from the Danuser interview on Allied races that came out back in 2019, is the only bit of canon we really have at this. There definitely were some others intending to join the OG void elves.

It’s sort of implied in the quote that they would look into replicating the process, but it’s nothing confirmed and RPing a void elf who did this is very much in the field of headcanon.

I mean to me Danuser kinda confirmed their numbers are growing. It’s just not shown in game.

First, we have to remember a truth which colours this discussion, indeed all lore discussions.

Blizzard, with pride, will state that if there is a conflict between gameplay and story they will chose gameplay every time. Why they’d don’t write the story to avoid a conflict and maintain internal consistency thus satisfying everyone is beyond me but there you are.

So remember, the reason we have to debate something that should have been clarified in game a long time ago is because they likely didn’t think through the implications of their own plot to the degree their players do. WE care,or cared, more about the lore than they obviously do.

As for Void Elf numbers, yes they are expanding. Yes they are clearly converting other Elves into Void Elves as Danuser heavily implies. Yes these are all transformed Void Elves regardless of how close to a Blood Elf you can make them look as they all bleed purple and wield void powers.

But while there numbers are expanding, it’s likely most of the Elves who would want to become Void Elves have already done so in the same manner that anyone waiting for a Warcraft Expansion pack will get it as soon as it becomes available rather than waiting for months.

So I assume there was indeed a second generation that emerged after the First generation who were transformed by the Nexus Prince but that a ‘third’ generation won’t really be a thing, it’ll just be the occasional elf who decides to take the plunge after the early rush has peaked.


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