One big Horde guild coming

Hello everyone,
I play in Darksorrow Alliance since 2007, but for the first time in all those years I am playing Horde a bit again. Nothing serious tho, mostly leveling new alts.

I always knew the Horde here was dead, ever since TBC ended :frowning:
It is nearly impossible to find a guild. Specially a big, active one.

How many of you would be up to have a new, big, active social/leveling guild for the 3 realms? (Horde)

I would put an effort into structuring it as good as possible based on my experience, but before putting the effort, I want to know if it is worth it.

Or else, is there an already existing big, active guild? For the first time I am considering a transfer to a place of the likes of Tarren Mill :confused:

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