One of my toons stopped gaining xp


Wow Classic
She’s at lvl 24, so no guest account. The account is on a 6-month subscription with next billing in february, so there’s no failed payment of the account.

I added the “show experience” in the chat window. to double check the mouse hover over the xp bar. The character is stuck at 23463 xp and neither killing mobs, nor turning in quests adds any xp. She still gains reputation though.

That addons could somehow stop xp was unlikely, but I tried disabling all of them anyway. No change ofc.

It seems unlikely that I could have stopped xp gain on my end, but I’d really like some help with this. Why would I keep playing when permanently stuck at lvl 24.75?

Please help.


This is common issue recently, make a ticket, but while waiting CS heroes have ability to unlock it :slight_smile:



Could you check that again for me now?

Have a few seconds to spare? Let me know how I’m doing!


It works now. I’m only sorry I didn’t notice earlier. I’m more than a level behind my group now :frowning:
40k xp lost…



I have the exact same issue, stuck on 44% at level 32.

Could you please apply the same fix as you did for Allio?


Realised I posted as a retail character, here is the correct one