OOC Event: Idyllia Sit-In

Greetings, members of the Argent Dawn community!

As I am sure we all know, things need to change around Blizzard if they want to keep us. And on Wyrmrest Accord in the U.S, a fellow rp realm, they are performing a sit-in at the steps of the Idyllia in Oribos, posting screenshots and using it as a way to raise money for charity. In their case, Black Girls CODE, which teaches girls of minority status about programming and digital technology. Here’s the link:

Tiltify - Oribos Sit-In

A great cause worth fighting for, but another great cause is showing the people at Blizz that we will not tolerate the things they do behind closed doors. If you can donate, fantastic! Then we can all get together, where we can chat about stuff such as why we unsubbed or why we are still subbed. From criticisms to what we adore about the game.

I’d say this event proper should occur during the day tomorrow, or whenever feel like they can. Maybe on the weekend? But I have some time to kill, so I’ll be doing it from now until I go to bed. Hopefully I see you all on the steps of the Eternal City.

Remember: beyond the veil lies the Shadowlands, where very soul has its place. And our place? To fight back against the darkness, and not just the fictional kind.

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why yes, what a great idea, let’s show blizzard the error of their ways by… logging onto the game that we pay them money for


Do it on trial accounts at least or on FFXIV

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You can also show that by unsubscribing from WoW, instead of logging in and supporting their statistics


On WrA, the people who did it are sub-locked. They paid for their time and can’t undo it, so they use the opportunity to make a show. Last I saw, the event raised over 6k for the charity which is wonderful!

They have their RP tourney which is also related to charity even more. It’s cool as hell

So long it’s for a good cause, it’s great. A show of solidarity and support as well.

Sadly I don’t man otherwise I would be there :grin:


“To fight against the darkness.” I’m not sure idling in Oribos is fighting. Raising money? Sure, by all means. If you want to show support by not playing, don’t even log into battlenet. Play Final Fantasy instead.

Personally, I’m going to let the investigation of over two years do its job, take out the trash, and let the careers of the victims at Blizzard, and those who had no part in any of this, continue on.


honestly it’s mad to see guild wars 2 having a massive player surge lately even though their next expansion is still at least half a year out

crazy how wow does that

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I can understand wanting to stage protests by holding sit ins but in reality all you’ll be doing is inflating Blizzard’s log in numbers. We can protest all we like in game but no-one from Blizzard will really be taking notice because at the end of the day we’re still inside the game.

If you want to make them pay attention to us and hear our dissatisfaction with the state of both the game and the company’s actions, take your custom or simply your log in to another game for a while, help events that are trying to raise money for charities that fight for those who experience harassment in the workplace; your voice and actions will do far more there than they can in WoW, or simply keep yourself out of the game for a bit. Vacant servers are something the higher-ups at Activision-Blizzard will notice far more rapidly than 50 players holding sit ins at various points on various shards.

I suspect if you’re trying to send a message to Blizzard, not playing the game at all would be a better idea. Although I do understand the sentiment of these “sit-in’s”, as other people may have noted… you’ve already paid for sub, they’re not gonna care what you do.

I personally believe it’s not woth letting these guys that have been causing the problems, ruin an experience that far more genuine people have put a lot of work and effort into.

The phrase changed from “[x] MMO is the next WoW killer” to “WoW is the next WoW killer” not too long back. Guess that’s true if GW2 is picking up a playerbase again, because I was under the impression the game was pretty much dead.

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It was, this spike is pretty enormous and a development of recent months.

At this point WoW is just a constant advertisement for every other MMO

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thx ortellus for summing up my thoughts on these protests

i find it oddly pleasing to see gw2 get a surge again because its starting to get its more competent devs back after the ncsoft layoffs

“Huh. Player engagement is up by 40% since the scandals broke with players active in Oribos at all hours. Marvellous! Time for another bonus for whethering this PR storm.”

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