Open Paid Server Transfers to Firemaw!


I’m a returning player to the game for WOLTK, the servers seem in quite a state since classic when I last played. I’ve logged back on to find Gehennas a complete Horde server and Firemaw a complete Alliance server but I’m now trapped on Gehennas with my Alliance toons which are unable to transfer to Firemaw because its not accepting transfer at the moment? What a mess… please can this be sorted. So returning players can actually play on a server with other people for their chosen faction.

PS: 45mins into Outland on Ally - Gehennas and its unplayable.

But they are free.


Edit: Oh wait you posted in the wrong place.

You need to move it to the TBC forum.

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Dottie, get a life.


Only from PvP realms. Horde side pve servers are dead with no way to transfer off.

You can go to Pyrewood Village.

Why would I pay to transfer from one pve server to another in the same cluster?

Facts bro, facts.


I really don’t get why you would say this, Mirage-Raceway is very much alive on horde side and most hordes from Pyrewood and Nethergard have migrated to us.

And if you’re referring to ironforge numbers, just keep in mind that those numbers aren’t absolute, they come from reports and quite a few guilds are waiting for LK to hit before they start raiding again and then still, not every guild reports.

I’m referring to when I log in. Pve is one cluster now so transfering between servers makes no difference. There’s one raiding guild and normally only a handful of people online across the whole cluster. By contrast, I hear the PvP cluster including firemaw is a lot more active on horde side and would love to transfer my characters there.

you can’t sit here and announce the english pve servers horde side dead with 1 raiding guild and a few other horde chars based on nothing, you go check our discord and find out there’s more to mirage raceway than what ur trumpeting here

I can’t even see why you want take urself out on pve servers if you can’t make some educated statements. Most of Pyrewood and Nethergarde have migrated to Mirage Raceway you don’t seem to know of. Other ppl who went from our pve realm to Gehennas came back stating that they don’t like the vibe there.

You are the OP right? I still can’t figure out if you are talking about TBC/Wrath or Era realms. You mention things that are in different versions.

You posted a link to the era servers transfer post, which I replied to. I’m talking about era. Nothing I mentioned relates to TBC.

I just wondered as you said you were playing again for Wrath.

I think you have one option, which you are not going to like, paying for a transfer.

btw, it’s not cool to take over someone else’s thread, who was talking about TBC, which is where the confusion comes from.

I replied to you…you, as first reply, quoted classic era thread. The thread is in the classic era forum. The op doesn’t mention TBC in his post. How is this a TBC thread that I, not you made about classic era?

Don’t even try man, he’s a joke and a troll. He’ll try to manipulate your words and wording to his own advantage, so give up in advance. - Save yourself the trouble.



Outland? In Era?

Sounds like TBC Firemaw and Gehennas.

You can transfer to Firemaw on Era but not TBC. Looks like TBC to me.

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