Orc’s Green Skin Shades

Hello, I’m a Classic Era player but a former role-player and I can’t quite stick to any character unless I have a backstory figured out, despite the fact I’m on a PVP server and no one will ever know about it (apart from you). It’s just for my own pleasure.

I’ve really gotten into Orc lore recently, reading the book Rise of the Horde and trying the Shaman class for the first time in 12 years of playing. I’ve made an Orc with a yellow-ish shade of skin. I understand that the Orcs gained their skin colour from their consumption of Magtheridon’s blood but is there a factor that determined what shade of green an Orc went from it? I quite liked the idea that the yellow-ish shade I chose for my Shaman is an earthier colour, visually representing his connection to the elements and spirits.

One of the main reasons I ask in the first place is that there’s a distinct dark green skin that gets used for Blackrock Orcs around the burning steppes. I don’t know why that is yet and wondered if there was an explanation for each shade.

I’m posting on my particular Orc so that you can see the shade of Green I’m talking about.

Thanks for reading and I look forward to learning more!

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There’s no particular lore to orc skinshades. Initially the Blackrocks received that distinct shade precisely to make them distinct from orc players/friendly orc NPCs.
Prior to the corruption, orcs were several shades of brown, grey, black and pallid white; one’s green-tone could in theory line up to what colour they were prior to their corruption.


Yes. How much Fel corruption you where exposed too.
The darkgreener it became, the more Fel you have been exposed too or for orcs in second gen the less green the more is this generation now rid of corruption.
So in your case the

shows that he or his family where never really close to any warlock and so his children will have a good chance of soon being brown again.

There is but it is now naught thanks to WoD.
Official it whas said that from the Darkiron that the Darkirondwarfs are mining in the Blackrock is the reason why their skin changed from green to greyish.
But as it is now for WoD orcs too this explenation is now ancient history.

Then we have strange case with the Dragonmaw orcs who in the Shadowhighlands have a different one too but as those change with expansion and blizzard is still owning us an explanation you can wonder or ignore about this.

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Thanks for your replies.

That’s given me a lot more to think about and plenty of room for the imagination to grow.

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