Orc priests are here

Looks like the greenskins got a bit of lore thrown at them.


I’m sorry for the horrible linking method, but Blizzard doesn’t seem to let me put up a link to wowpedia.

Gotta get that trustlevel 3, bro!

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Well… it’s a superfically fine superficial explanation for the priests, I guess. Certainly better than the player ideas connecting it to the Dark Star WoD campaign. So, as far as post hoc explanations for things that were never introduced for the lore go, it’s serviceable.

Wasn’t necessary for wowpedia before the last forum update, though…

Apart from that, the easiest way to make the link copyable is just to post it as code (`` around it), no need for annoying blank spaces.

Welp. Surley better then just adapting the light worship from the humans. Still miffed because it doesn’t fit Orcs to have “religion”.

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I have fixed it.

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