Organized guild pvp invitation

Ive been considering in the heat of Phase 2 that we have a big pvp fight, guild versus guild, we could set up the rules of which items are legal and the size of the engagement but i think it would make for a fair and fun group pvp scenario that we as a community can create together for weeks to come if its successful.
For example we can have Venture versus dread or aftermath versus seven.

Let me hear your opinion on the topic and lets discuss!

Sounds like fun.

Why do you want to fight us? I thought we are friends :frowning:

Would be awesome!

Pick a place, pick a time and lets have an organised barney

TBH, one of my goals for classic is to have an “enemy” guild where we match numbers and sort things out in open places like Badlands or Silithus!

Sounds like horrible Honor/hour imo


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