Orgrimmar portal to Pandaria missing?

Sorry if this is not posted correctly, but I am getting frustrated with this issue and hope someone can offer their guidance. I did the intro quests for Pandaria (the ones from Hero’s Call board), but had to go back to Orgrimmar for business, and now I have no idea how to get back. Level 85.

The portal in the Valley of Honor is not there, and I do not have access to the new portal room, and all the portals in Cleft of Shadow are gone. I will cry if I have to do Cataclysm content - can someone tell me how to get back to pandaland? Thank you!

Mhm, are you sure about that? Even my low level Horde char can get into the portal room. There’s a portal to Honeydew Village though, I think that’s the way now.

Should I have access to that? As of now, there is just a wall where the entrance to the portals should be …

Pretty sure yes, don’t think there’s any requirement. If even level 1 chars can enter it ^^ …

You are obviously looking in the wrong place for the portals, head out through the Orgrimmar front gate and instead of turning to the right, turn left in the tunnel.

If you can’t find that, take the portal to Undercity where the zeppelin was and go to brill to the portal where the Zeppelin was and take it back.

That puts you in the portal room.

Edit: If you face the door the portal you need is at 9 o’clock. I KNOW low level characters can use it as I did on a level 5.


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