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I used to create an alt, skip the Shadowlands campaign, talk to Bolvar once or twice, and skip directly to Zereth Mortis.

Below I will highlight the conversation I’ve had with a Gamemaster.

Blockquote ME: My character Robofister skipped the Shadowlands campaign, so I skipped the Maw but still had to tour Oribos, normally on alts I can just talk to Bolvar and skip ahead towards Zereth Mortis, but not on this character. I skipped the campaign but it somehow still wants me to continue to Bastion. How do I get to Zereth Mortis by skipping? Bolvar doesn’t work, what now?

GM response

Blockquote GM: For the various skips to come online, you need to reach certain breakpoints in the storyline through it. For example, to skip the Maw, you need to get up to The Highlord Calls. To skip to Korthia, you need to get up to The First Move.
Currently your Monk hasn’t made it to either of those points, so it is correct that at this time, the skip would not be available to you

My response

Blockquote Me: I thought I can skip everything as long as I’ve completed the campaign on other characters? Why was it possible for me to just hop into Oribos and skip everything on alts and now not anymore?
Blizzard wants me to run through the entire Bastion storyline, get into Maldraxxus, and THEN skip? I don’t get the point, I’m trying to SKIP it so I DONT have to do Bastion or Ardenweald to get into Zereth Mortis, I’m just so confused. My brain can’t compute how I’m supposed to be skipping to the next parts when it’s exactly asking me to do the opposite.

Did they change anything post-DF? Do we really need to run through parts of the Shadowlands campaign to end up with our alts in Zereth Mortis? What the hell is going on

Perhaps you’re remembering it wrong, perhaps it was changed, I’m not sure. But you need to go to your covenant sanctum and learn your covenant abilities before you can skip the intro (sanctum features and maw intro).

I assume you are talking about this level 70 Monk.

I’m trying to remember what I did with my later alts, but as best I recall, there was never a stage when I could “talk to Bolvar once or twice, and skip directly to Zereth Mortis.”

  • I know I always had to go through the choosing a Covenant bit.
  • I’m not sure that I had to go through Korthia up to the point on Maw-Walker, but I always did.

But I did read that Blizzard removed the Threads of Fate option after SL. This may be what has changed.

But-but I see the Wowhead guide on ToF is stil there and claims to be updated for 10.1.5?? https://www.wowhead.com/guide/threads-of-fate-shadowlands-adventure-mode-leveling

Without Threads of Fate, I don’t see how you get to join a Covenant other than through doing the Campaign. You need to get to the quest Choosing Your Purpose https://www.wowhead.com/quest=62000/choosing-your-purpose# somehow.

So should the Wowhead guide be removed, or marked obsolete?

To check it out, I took a level 30 (who normally just stores things - he’s having a busy day today!) into the Shadowlands timeline. He could skip the Maw no problem, but was not offered ToF when he arrived at Oribos, and when we went to Roh-Tahl on the other side, it wasn’t offered either.

Blizzard Support sez:

The Threads of Fate option for leveling in Shadowlands is no longer available.

So, the best I can figure it, that’s your answer. You used to be able to skip the Shadowlands Campaign using Threads of Fate, but that skip has been removed, and without it, you can’t get to choose a Covenant, and the rest follows.

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I believe some players are still offered the ability to choose threads of fate if they were eligible before. Unless they’ve closed that loophole now.

Well, I was eligible for it in SL but clearly am not now. The link I gave above says:

Any characters who have already chosen Threads of Fate prior to Dragonflight will be able to finish it. However, characters who never initiated Threads of Fate will be restricted only to the zone-by-zone Covenant campaign for Shadowlands.

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I had this discussion on my discord about six months ago and we found that people could still choose it.

I’ve not gone back and checked recently. So there was a loophole but I’m not sure it still exists.

Took me a while to find a character with the quest to go to SL, does indeed seem they’ve removed the loop hole that offered some of us Threads after it was removed.

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