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Origin PvE / PvP

Language: English
Guild type: Semi-Hardcore PVE and PVP
Raid times: 20:00– 24:00 ServerTime - Wednesday & Sunday
Loot System: Loot Council

About us
We are a group of players with top level raiding experience in all expansions looking for dedicated raiders. Our core group of players have been playing together since vanilla and we have recruited some exceptional players along the way.
We are currently clearing Molten Core and Onyxia-Split in 2hr15. We are aware that this can be done much quicker but to achieve a social experience we like to keep as relaxed as possible for this current phase.

What we require from you

  • Consumables to be used for every raid
  • 80% Raid Attendance
  • Learn mechanics & understand your role
  • Discord / Mic

What we offer

  • Experienced players that bring stability and success
  • Great atmosphere while raiding or PvPing
  • Fair loot distribution
  • Future content cleared Week 1
  • Secure Raid Spot based on attendance

Recruiting We only recruit for raid spots

2x Priest(healing)
1x R Druid
1x Mage
Jilted#2562 in game or Via DM for more information

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