Our servers are dead

Was just talking to a friend who is also on Lightbringer, one big guild is moving away because Lightbringer/Mazrigos is to simply put DEAD.

Our guild is running raids with other guilds to keep things going.

Sure it’s fun, but our servers are still dead. And sure, we can contribute a lot of euros to blizzard and move the whole guild elsewhere, but what happen to merging servers? At one point it’s not an option any more.

Very very true. And honestly, it has all made me completely reassess how I feel about Blizzard. I’ve been a fan of theirs, trusting that they “know best” for many years, but that trust now is gone.

We’ve spent years being promised, and expecting a realm connection, but it never happened.

Honestly, the active population now, I think, is at the point where there are simply too many servers for the amount of people … the best solution is to just offer free transfers off realms such as Lightbringer/Mazrigos, enforce a transfer for the rest after a set period, and just shut them down.

Our guild, Dark Wolves, has been a constant on the realm since 2007. We’ve never been the best, or the fastest, but we’ve been welcoming, friendly and helpful. Of course we’ve gained our haters along the way, but that’s never been our doing, or our intent.

We’ve done our best for the realm, actively recruiting people from other realms regularly, until fairly recently. When it became obvious that, regardless of what we did or how many we recruited, more were leaving the realm than were joining it, that there were virtually no raiding guilds left, that the auction house was a wasteland, and that it was starting to feel underhand even attempting to bring new people to our realm, we just decided that we only had two choices. Either stick it out to the bitter end, and probably end up the way of the majority of other guilds - or leave before that happened.

Massive apologies to everyone who wanted to stay with us on Lightbringer/Mazrigos - I know there are some who have decided to stay regardless, and it’s a bit of a wrench to go. But, at the end of the day, we had to look to what was best for the many, not the few, or the one :wink:

Unfortunately, just as the character transfer sale started, Blizzard removed guild transfers (and every other guild service) from the store, and it looks like they’re not going to be back any time soon.

So we’ve had to make the difficult decision to leave our history, our achievements, behind, and set up a completely new guild on a new realm.

We would be happy to welcome prospective new members from our old home of Lightbringer/Mazrigos - feel free to look us up at www.darkwolves.eu for info and applications, come have a chat on our discord https://discord.gg/gQ2uBGe or just look us up in game … Dark Wolves - Tarren Mill (connected with Dentarg).

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I’m still thinking about it, at least with my mains, but then again, sometimes also that changes. I’m not gonna move 20 characters, it’s just rediculous that they leave servers in this state, it’s not just ours I understood.

WIsh you well on TarrenMill, and I agree free transfers make sense. Leaving it like this, is basically making that a money grab for them. Almost forcing people to transfer.

At least we are in contact with other guilds, also ones from other realms, to do joint raid runs. Some people, lik myself, also have alts simply for professions. But can’t send stuff to my main of they transfer, gold as well. But many kudos to Ermz, our guild lead for trying to look for solutions, we also had a bit of a guild drama start of SL, where some “Elites” were going mythic, and tried to explode the guild, which didn’t succeed haha.

At least we don’t get the whispers lately of a certain guild leader who was actively trying to take members from guilds (I am ofc not talking about you :slight_smile: ). Surprised they’re still there.

Take care!

Ah that’s good. To be honest the raids themselves, other than the usual issues that any guilds anywhere come across occasionally, weren’t really a problem. Sure - recruitment was harder, but we hobbled along. It was the auction house that was the main issue. You know yourself that sometimes it’s very difficult to just get base legendary items - it’s just a struggle that shouldn’t be necessary.

Been there, done that. There will always be some that believe they’re better than everyone else, deserve more, rules don’t apply to them and the good of the guild or raid group shouldn’t be their concern. All you can do is shrug and move on. Although when it’s happening, it is a horrible feeling for the guild/raid leader, because it feels like a personal failure - when it isn’t.

Haha … I know it wasn’t me … we have never ever done that sort of thing, and frown on others doing it. We do have some standards, after all :wink: Assuming I know who you’re talking about, I’m sure there will be another round of whispers coming shortly. Their guild appears to have a lot less people in than they used to, so unless they’ve just done a recent clearout of inactives, I’d expect more whispers coming soon.

Good luck to everyone left on Lightbringer. It has been a sad decision to make, but so far we haven’t regretted it.


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