Out of Mana (Horde Social Raiding PVE) are recruiting

Ahoy Emerald Dreamers and Terenasians

Out of Mana are looking for Ranged dps.

Our main raid times are Wednesday and Sunday evening, 1930-2200 server time. We are not hardcore raiders, our team varies as people have to work, or have other commitments.

We're a friendly social guild that raids, and when we get consistent signups we see progression. You do not need to have experience, although it does help, just the willingness to learn, and the ability to follow some instructions and work out other things for yourself. We will accept social members that are genuinely social too, not just logging on and off without a word. And then try to get you to join in raids ;D

We use Enjin for our guild forums oomana.enjin.com and ask you to send an application using the templates you can find here http://oomana.enjin.com/forum/m/15962341/viewforum/4862040

The best way for more info is probably to contact someone in game, you can find me on various characters, with a "/who out of mana" and pick the one with a Scar in it, or contact any member and ask for an officer, hopefully one will be online. Obviously replies here are welcome, or messages or applications sent through Enjin.

Thanks for reading and looking forward to hearing from you, Scar

(edited to make it up to date April 2017)
An update, we just lost our raid leader, and are actively seeking people interested in the role again.

We're currently pushing through the last few bosses in normal, the first 5 are basically on farm mode now, so hoping to swap over to heroic for our raids.
Another update, we're in need of dps right now to balance our healer numbers.

We're reliably 1 heroic and 6 down on normal in one raid, and working on further heroic progress before swapping to normal.
Further news! We're comfortably 7/7 normal, 5/7 heroic, but looking for more dps to balance things out, ranged would be ideal as we start on Blackrock Foundry.
Once again we're searching for a new tank, Monk or Druid would be ideal, plus some ranged dps.

We're 7/10 Normal Blackrock Foundry and looking to get started on Heroic.

Please contact any member in game and hopefully they can direct you to an Officer if you have any questions, or apply at oomana.enjin.com.

Thanks again, Scar
It's been a while since I've posted updates, as Swift took over... as he said, EN and ToV have been cleared and currently progressing Nighthold Heroic.

But it's time again for Out of Mana to call out for more ranged dps. We've been running Legion very melee heavy and it's making us suffer on certain fights in Nighthold.

If you're a ranged dps looking for a Heroic guild, please check out oomana.enjin.com for more information and to submit an application.

Thanks for reading, Scar
May 2017. A new update to our recruiting status.

This time we have some tank spots to offer, as well as the usual ranged and melee spots.

Raid times are still Wednesday and Sunday 1930-2200 Realm time.

Please check us out on Enjin at oomana.enjin.com there's a bunch of info to find there, as well as our application template. I know an application is a hassle, but it's only a template, it's a way to intoduce yourself to us, so we have a cheatcard for conversation when you first come online. :D

Thanks once again, Scar.
7.3 is live and we're still raiding Tomb of Sargeras. The times we have a few more members run way smoother so we're still looking for a few more dps to join to help balance out those mechanics.

More info can still be found at oomana.enjin.com and the raid times are still the same.

Once again, thanks for reading.
Almost done in ToS, so another recruitment update with our progress 8/9 ToS HC

We're still going and currently recruiting more dps (both ranged and melee) to bolster the ranks and make mechanics more easily manageable to finally finish ToS, so if you haven't managed to do KJ HC yet but would like the thrill of achieving it as progress with people you choose to play with, drop us a line either on the forums oomana.enjin.com or in-game.

Thanks, Wild
Hi all!

First evening in the new raid and 6/11 normal done, Out of Mana is looking to up our numbers with a mix of ranged and melee dps. Healing spot could be negotiated for the right healer as well.

If you're looking to get started or getting back in the raiding scene, drop us a line!

Thanks, Wild
One evening in hc and we have done 4 bosses atm, so currently 4/11 HC progress. It is slow in comparison, but knowing that this is likely to be the last big raid of the expansion, what's the hurry really. :)

Still looking for dps and healers to bolster the ranks, please contact myself or Scarlotte, or Ceran in-game, or visit oomana.enjin.com

Have a nice day!
September 2018 update!

We're on the prowl for more members wanting to raid.

New site, please check out oom-eu.com to find an application form or contact an officer in game.

Thank you.
Hi all,

Recently 4/8 hc. Still raiding casually, still don't mind teaching you so long as you're open to learning, still being positive and friendly in the way. Healers and dps especially welcome. oom-eu.com or /who out of mana and ask for an officer.

Hope to see you in-game,

Hi Guys,
Just had a look around your website looks and sounds like a really nice place to hang out, so i have put in a application form, Hope to hear back from you and hopefully see you in game. :smiley: