Out of map/ 'Ghost' Orgrimmar bug through Brawlers Guild



About a year and a half ago I discovered a bug in the Brawlers Guild in Orgrimmar, which allowed you to walk through the wall and drop into a ghost version of orgrimmar with no NPCs and most features missing.

I recorded a video demonstrating the bug, and walking around the place, but last time I checked, it still hasn’t been fixed (probably forgot to send it in because brain go boomboom from playing WoW all day).

Easiest way to get in is with DH’s double jump and Glide, but probably possible with warrior’s jumpy thing and hunter’s disengage.

I hope this is the right section, I couldn’t find a section specifically for bug reports.


Apologies if this bug has since been fixed, I can’t jump in-game real quick and check because I spent all my life savings on WoW subs and can no longer afford one. : -(


Hello Animesux,

Please report this as a possible bug using the ingame tool. Unfortunately, this forum is not the right place for it. Please be aware that you won’t get a response on the report, but it will be read.

Kind regards

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