Outdated ticket system and uninterested customer support

Hello, I have recently contacted customer support about certain problems regarding current EXP buff that is active on retail WoW. I have opened my ticket inside the game, my /retail/ game, with a described problem. I have not saved the exact message, but the problem is: some of my characters seem to get no benefit from the buff. While most characters get a level in up to two dungeons, two of them still need about four or five. The second problem was that I gain no quest progress while my friend is helping me finish world quests. We were /not/ in a raid group. That also happens only on some characters, not all. I had a lot of problems opening a ticket, during the very outdated design, that constantly puts me in a loop that asks about problem and then sends me back to the start page. On top of that, there are only a few categories which I can choose, which made me give up several times before. This is the reply that I got:“Hello, This is an aspect of Classic WoW, a character that does not contribute to killing a Mob by doing damage will not receive experience or quest credit. Kind regards, [name], Customer Service.” They have completely ignored part of my problem, and apparently have not even read the ticket properly, while also marking it as resolved with no way for me to reply. Classic WoW does not even have the said buff, and all of this together means that they have not even read my ticket. I understand that the current situation is hard for everyone, but I have waited five days only to get this as a reply. Also, in the meantime I have noticed that all my characters receive significantly less exp that others’ characters once they’re past lvl 80 or 90. For example, my girlfriend gets 3 levels per Legion assault, while I get two. We both have active Winds of Wisdom buff and only use Draught of Ten Lands.

Is your girlfriend using any heirlooms? Do you have Warmode on the same setting? Is your girlfriend a monk by any chance?

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Hello Schwabica,

My apologies if the reply that you have received was off the mark, we are not infallible, however we always try to assist fans of our games, when that is possible.

Now about your issues, there could be a number of things that can affect your experience gains, sadly the forum support cannot actually investigate an in-game issue like that.

I would suggest that you try out again to contact the in-game support from here.

If someone of a higher level is boosting you then the XP is less.

Also can you edit your post and make it easier to read using paragraphs.

Also the GM in the ticket is wrong. The first person to hit the mob gets all the XP and everyone else gets none in Classic.

@Decayin: The answer to all your questions is no.

@Dottie: As I already said, multiple times, I am on retail, playing Legion content (expansion Legion (2016)). Which is part of the reason I got upset with the reply I got, the person did not even read my ticket properly. We were doing Legion assaults for bonus xp (e.g. Assault on Stormheim, quest to kill Idra’zul), and the xp gained is not any lesser than if done solo. If you kill him solo, you’ll get ~160k xp, if you kill him with raid group, everyone will receive same amount of xp. When I boost my girlfriend using same tactic, she gets 3-4 levels per assault. I get 2-2 and a half. I have all heirlooms, she doesn’t, and both of us are using Draught of Ten Lands, which grants +10% more xp. Another problem in Battle for Azeroth (2017): I have char lvl 115, my girlfriend has char lvl 111. While I get from lvl 115 to 120, she gets from 111 to 115. But when I go with another char who is lvl 111, with hers 115, I get to lvl 113, while she gets to lvl 120. Again, I have heirlooms, while she doesn’t. I have problems with multiple charachters, where “Winds of Wisdom” buff stops working after lvl 98, when I get to Legion (2017) content.

@Vossprey: “I would suggest that you try out again to contact the in-game support from here .”
I am really sorry, but where? How can I open a ticket, for my problems? Because the link you gave me leads me again on customer support, that asks for description, and than says:“Go to forums, and search for your problems”. As I said, it’s outdated, and that’s being polite, because it leans more to lazy. An endless loop that forces you to go to forums where you will be again told to open a ticke tor give up. Nevermind, I have no more patience for this, I have waited five days to receive completely disinterested reply and to be flat-out ignored. Consider the problem solved.